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Vegas Movie Studio HD: Using Image Stabalization

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD allows you to use state of the art image stabilization technology to remove or reduce the shakes and jitters that may have resulted due to a faulty camera operation...[more]

Using Prodad Heroglyph in Sony Vegas

Prodad Heroglyph is advanced video editing software with many features and tools for various types of text animation and text editing. This versatile software can be used in Sony Vegas as a plug-in. Here...[more]

Using Prodad Adorage in Sony Vegas

Prodad Adorage allows you to add numerous special effects to your wedding, sport, holiday or family videos. The special effects collection is vast, offering effects approximately 10,000 effect presets. Whether looking for lightning effects,...[more]

Sony Vegas: Stablizing Shaky Footage

Sony Vegas is NLE (Non-Linear Editing) software which enables you to edit audio and video on multiple tracks in real time. It is powerful software with a variety of tools and features by which...[more]

Using Prodad Vitascene in Sony Vegas

Prodad Vitascene can be used as plug-in software in Sony Vegas. Prodad Vitascene is excellent for creating transitions and special effects, enabling the user to set a mood visually with blurring and lighting effects...[more]

Using the Panopticum Engraver in Sony Vegas

When using Sony Vegas, you will find out that there are many different plugins which can be used. Plugins add extra features to the software and make different things possible. One very popular plugin...[more]

Z Depth: Adjusting Subtitle Depth

The Z Depth by Sony Creative Software is a one of kind editing application that has been designed and engineered specifically to meet the needs of stereoscopic 3D Blu-ray productions. The Z Depth software...[more]

CD Architect: Making Hidden Music Tracks

CD Architect is a useful piece of software which can be used to create high quality music CDs. It's even possible to create hidden tracks on your disks. By doing this, you can make...[more]

Recording Home Audio with Sound Forge

In our world today, it has become normal for people to record all sorts of sounds, and it is easy to do this in Sound Forge. Not only is it applicable for people who...[more]

5 Reasons to use DVD Architect Studio

DVD Architect Studio is sophisticated video authoring software with many features. It enables you to author both DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs on your home PC. Here are 5 good reasons why you...[more]

Organizing Photos with Photo Go

Photo Go is an easy to use program which helps you organize your pictures the way you want. If you are tired of losing pictures, Photo Go offers an easy way to get organized,...[more]

Noise Reduction 2.0: Rescuing Damaged Audio

Sony Noise Reduction 2.0 is a powerful piece of software which can help you to recover damaged audio tracks. This software is very expensive, but is capable of professional quality results. The software makes...[more]

Noise Reduction 2.0: Converting Vinyl to CD

Noise reduction 2.0 is one of the most reliable and efficient sound restoration plugins. It is used by numerous professionals today, since it has become increasingly popular to transfer older vinyl records to digital...[more]

Vegas Movie Studio: Publishing to YouTube

The Vegas Movie Studio collection integrates a set of software solutions designed to cover the needs of professionals and all interested in video and audio creation and editing. Each of them contains powerful tools...[more]

Editing Audio in Vegas Movie Studio

The Sony Vegas Movie Studio is highly regarded as a solid option that acts as an intermediate level replacement to the relatively expensive big boy toys like the Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut....[more]

Editing Video in Vegas Movie Studio

The Vegas Movie Studio high definition software uses drag and drop editing and commands, which are basics in video editing. These commands are copy, cut and paste, which create professional-looking movies on the computer....[more]

9 Important Video Features for Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas software is a digital video editing software package designed by Sony. There are many different versions of Sony Vegas available for all different post production and video editing needs. This is a...[more]

Importing and Exporting in Sony Vegas

Whether it is video or photo editing you are looking for, one of the best software in the business today is Sony Vegas. Vegas is loaded with features that would enable you to do...[more]

Sony Vegas: Customizing Your Work Space

Sony Vegas is a program that allows you to completely customize the workspace for all types of post production editing. Some of the main benefits available to create individual workflow interfaces include the ability...[more]

Authoring Blu Rays in Sony Vegas

The Sony Vegas 9 Pro is a powerful audio/video editing software suite that enables you to create high quality productions and author them onto various medias of your choice. The latest in the Sony...[more]

DVD Architect Pro: DVD Burning From Timeline

DVD Architect Pro, developed by SONY, is currently available in its latest incarnation in the Vegas Pro 9 suite, used to create and edit music and films to store on CD, DVD or Blue-Ray...[more]

Sony Vegas: 7 Features of the XD CAM

Sony Vegas is one of the best video editing applications available. This is a professional application which has support for many professional high end digital video cameras. XD CAM cameras have been supported in...[more]

Using the Mixing Console Window in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is one of the most popular Non-linear editing (NLE) software available today, which provides an all in one solution for all editing needs. Sony Vegas also includes an elaborate audio mixing console...[more]

Making Animated Text Effects in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a useful piece of video production software which can create some unique and interesting effects. If you want to create animated text, for example, then this is very simple. Animating text...[more]

Tagging Photos with MediaShow

Media Show is all-in-one software for sorting, organizing and sharing your favorite moments in videos and photos. This application gives you numerous options to organize your media content in a truly hassle free way....[more]

One-Click Fixes with MediaShow

MediaShow is powerful software which provides a host of easy solutions for managing and editing videos and photos. Among its many features, the one-click fixes are particularly appreciated by people who do not have...[more]

Using Touch Interaction in YouCam

YouCam is a fun application designed to jazz up your boring and mundane webcam experiences. It allows you to capture your moments and apply some great effects to them. It also enhances the standard...[more]

YouCam: Making Dynamic Webcam Videos

YouCam is one of the most well known applications, which can be used to have some fun with your webcam. Whilst webcams aren't the best quality cameras available, they are fun to use and...[more]

Power DVD: Making Your Own Movie Reviews

Power DVD allows you to make your own movie reviews. You must make the reviews during playback and the reviews will then be available in the Movie Info tab. If your version of Power...[more]

Power DVD: Upscaling Movies to HD

Power DVD supports upscaling of standard definition video files to high definition formats and transforms your movies. PowerDVD uses TrueTheater, which is actually a collection of a wide range of audio and video enhancing...[more]

Power DVD: Enjoying Video Playback

Power DVD is a video and music playback software program for your computer; it is one of the most reliable and high quality players you can have installed in any type of PC –...[more]

Power DVD: Converting 2D Movies to 3D

Today’s audiences can all enjoy 3D movies in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to Power DVD. Some DVD movies have been originally released in 3D, and television is anticipating the release of...[more]

PowerDirector: Adding Particle Effects

Power Director is a power photo editing program that takes the open editing approach to templates and effects. Some of the existing design tools include menus, animated PiPs and titles. However, the latest version...[more]

Upscaling Video in Power Director

Considered one of the best digital video editing software out in the market, Cyberlink’s Power Director allows users to enhance videos and pictures complete with music and voice-overs, amongst a host of other special...[more]

PowerCinema: Controling the TV

PowerCinema is a very popular home theater application which can be used to turn a regular computer into a fully functional home theatre system. Home theatre systems make it possible to simply put one...[more]

PowerCinema: Picking a Tuner Card

PowerCinema is a very popular home entertainment media suite. This has a large menu which can be displayed easily on your television. This makes controlling it easy. To get the most out of your...[more]

PowerCinema: Review Your Videos

PowerCinema turns a standard computer into a Home Entertainment system. By installing this software on a Windows computer, you can use it to make your TV much simpler. As soon as this software is...[more]

PowerCinema: Using the Native Widescreen

The PowerCinema by CyberLink is a complete home entertainment suite/solution that is intended to roll up a lot of functionality into a nice and compact framework. It allows the user to enjoy forms of...[more]

Power Producer: Outputting to Blu Ray Discs

Power Producer is a disc burning and outputting software program for your computer. This authorizing software supports the creation of DVD discs and Blu ray discs. Basically, the Power Producer software has the ability...[more]

Creating a Disc Menu with Power Producer

Under the Power Producer, the Customize Menu window gives you creative control over the look and creation of your disc menu. You can select a custom background as your menu or choose from a...[more]

Power Producer: Optimized NVIDIA CUDA

Power Producer is a video production and editing software that has been optimized with NVIDIA CDU hardware. This optimization means that HD video rendering can be achieved much faster and in much shorter time....[more]

Power Producer: Optimized for the ATI Stream

Power Producer can be used to create professional slide show presentations and videos. This is very powerful software which works very quickly. Normally video editing tasks are time consuming and demanding on your computer's...[more]

Correcting Shaky Videos with Power Producer

Power Producer has come up with more innovative ways for editing video. The Magical Tools Edit is now incorporated into the software to ensure that all videos edited are in top shape. One of...[more]

Importing Video with Power Producer

Power Producer is a piece of powerful video editing application which was developed by Cyberlink. This software is ideal for anyone interested in video production because it makes it easy to create a wide...[more]

Edius NX: Previewing a Work in progress

The Edius NX is a hardware product by Grass Valley that is optimized for high definition video productions. You can use any suitable mix of HD and SD video content and blend it with...[more]

Converting File Formats with Procoder 3

Procoder 3 is the third installment in a series of a very successful and market-dominating product line by Grass Valley for converting file formats. Procoder 3 provides a slew of media conversion options that...[more]

How to Use Shake 4 with Final Cut

Shake 4 is professional film and video editing software that provides powerful editing tools and features to its users. It is generally used for image compositing, layer blending, color correction and special effects. In...[more]

Edius Neo 2: Using Color Clip Management

Edius Neo 2 is software that is ideal for editors when it comes to video editing, and it provides features which are nonlinear in editing. They include but are not limited to real-time and...[more]

Edius Neo 2: Outputting to a AV CHD Disc

Edius Neo 2 is a very capable video editing software solution that features a very flexible user interface. The software suite is primarily designed to handle and manage HD (high definition) projects. Edius Neo...[more]

Edius Neo 2: Outputting Files to Youtube

Edius Neo 2 is part of a video editing system that has many capabilities, which assist you to upload your video to You Tube. We all like to upload our greatest moments on the...[more]

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