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What Is VideoPad?

VideoPad is editing software that helps in the enhancement of videos to give them a professional touch. It has many tools that can help you transform your homemade videos and share them with friends...[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro: Key Features

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a software program that helps you to create your very own personalized videos. Here are some of the key features of this software. Editing You can easily edit your...[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro: An Overview

Magix Movie Edit Pro is setting the standards and has continuously built up its capabilities from past versions, which have proved to be very successful. It is considered one of the best programs for...[more]

Corel VideoStudio: Real World Applications

Corel VideoStudio is software that allows you to do many things that are going to test the limits of your creativity. It has many features that are geared to help you do things like...[more]

Corel VideoStudio: Key Features

Corel VideoStudio is an easy-to-use high speed high definition video editing program. Corel VideoStudio is compatible with Windows operating systems only and a free trial of the program is available. Here are some key...[more]

What Is Corel VideoStudio?

Corel VideoStudio is a powerful video editing program which comes bundled with a number of features for fast and professional editing. Editors can import, edit and export their finished videos into DVD format or...[more]

CyberLink PowerDirector: Reasons to Use

CyberLiink Power Director is breakthrough software that is setting the standards of video editing. It offers speed, power and ease-of-use and will also help to create visual effects from a HD video. Here is...[more]

CyberLink PowerDirector: Key Features

CyberLink PowerDirector is an easy-to-use video editing program. CyberLink PowerDirector comes with a wide array of design tools that you can use to create professional movies with ease. CyberLink PowerDirector is compatible with Windows...[more]

CyberLink PowerDirector 101

CyberLink PowerDirector 9 is a video editor that provides a number of features. Here are some of the functions of the PowerDirector.Blazing SpeedThe PowerDirector utilizes the TrueVelocity Engine, suitable for the demands of editing...[more]

5 Reasons to Use Video ReDo to Record Television

Video ReDo is an all-in-one application wherein you can edit videos, burn DVDs and author them. With this program, there is no need to use or switch to other applications in order to do...[more]

Final Cut Pro: What Is a Generator Clip?

Final Cut Pro is a nonlinear editing program compatible for MAC platforms which makes editing a convenience providing several functions for video projects. One of the main features in Final Cut Pro is the...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Pann Audio in the Timeline

Panning audio is an efficient technique that many sound designers involved in movies use today to fully create the effect of the moving image. Panning is a technique that allows you to distribute audio...[more]

3 Useful Rotoscoping Software Programs

Rotoscoping software produces software that deals with motion graphics. Rotoscoping works together with chroma keying. These two things are still vitally important today. Below are some useful rotoscoping software programs. 1. Silhouette FX This...[more]

4 Reasons to Use Autodesk Toxik

Autodesk Toxik has been one of the most successful and useful programs to use; its numerous features made it a top choice among producers and editors who wanted to create and render films and...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Use Mattes

Mattes are filters in Final Cut Pro which help make areas in a video clip transparent, in order to make visible the video image on the track below. There are different types of Mattes...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Create Motion Effects in the Viewer

In order to create motion effects using the new digital age editing programs, you need to create keyframes. This process is necessary in Final Cut Pro as well. Keyframes are destination cues for a...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Create Motion Effects in the Canvas

Final Cut Pro is a professional quality video editing application which makes it easy to apply various motion effects. By adding images to the canvas, you will be able to manipulate them and adjust...[more]

[number] Useful Features of the x264 Codec

The x264 codec is a free way of encoding and decoding high definition videos. The codec is released under the GNU GPL licence. This is a high definition video codec which can be used...[more]

[number] Reasons Why the 3ivx is Great for Macs

With so many different MPEG-4 Decoders available for PC computers, it is nice to find 3ivx for Macs. This was released in December of 2007. After the 30 day free trial runs out, Mac...[more]

Huffyuv: Capturing and Configuring Video

Huffyuv is one of the fastest video codecs that you can find in the market today. It has one of the fastest compression rates around even if you are using a Pentium Celeron computer....[more]

Video ReDo: How to Create a DVD

Video ReDo is a powerful video editing package which makes it easy to create a DVD. Here are a few simple steps which can be used to author your very own DVD. It's easy...[more]

Video ReDo: Getting Started

Video ReDo offers consumers with the ability to cut, edit and do a lot more with their TV Shows. Through the use of its software, you will be able to create DVD’s of your...[more]

Using Motion 3 to Rotoscope

Motion 3 is one of the best video editing tools that enables you to rotoscope. Rotoscoping is done when you want to add text that goes around or behind a specific object. This article...[more]

Using Autodesk Combustion to Rotoscope

Autodesk Combustion is an all-in-one software application with an interface that is easy to use. It includes an extensive toolset that will instantly augment the creativeness of any digital video artist. If you are...[more]

PowerCinema: Turning a PC into a Jukebox

PowerCinema is a very powerful application which can turn your computer into a home entertainment system. This is similar to the popular Windows Media center, but can be run on many different versions of...[more]

6 Reasons to Buy the Media 100 Suite

Media 100 Suite is one of the best non-linear editing programs available on the market. It is quickly working its way up to becoming an industry leader. So, why would you want to consider...[more]

Media 100 Suite: Getting Started

Media 100 is a non-linear video editing system. It offers its users a wide range of editing options, which makes it competitive with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. After you have installed...[more]

5 Reasons to Use Silhouette FX in Rotoscoping

Silhouette FX is a visual effects software program designed to make the rotoscoping process easier. Rotoscoping involves cutting a subject out of the background of it's original video clip and then replacing it with...[more]

Creating a Lightsaber Effect

A Lightsaber effect can be created using the popular photo editing software Photoshop. You will need a photo of a person holding a replica light saber, and with the help of Photoshop, you can...[more]

How to Rotoscope in After Effects CS5

Adobe After Effects is one of the best visual effects programs on the market, and it's latest version, CS5, offers users the ability to easily rotoscope. Rotoscoping is a word with two definitions in...[more]

Using Boris Continuum to Make Transitions

Boris FX latest visual graphic and effects package, the Boris Continuum Complete 6 (BCC6) contains over 200 plug-in effect filters that work very well with media editing applications developed by Adobe, Apple, Avid and...[more]

Rotoscoping In After Effects

Rotoscoping is a visual effects technique that involves separating a subject from its background in a video clip, so that a different background can be used in its place. It's very similar in concept...[more]

Autodesk Toxik: How to Rotoscope

Rotoscope is an old process which has been used by the film industry since 1915 when Max Fleischer first invented it. You can use  Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photopaint to complete the task. Step1: Select...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Use the Speed Tool

In Final Cut Pro, the Speed tool is designed to change the speed of adjacent clips that are located in the Timeline. The Speed tool allows you to change the speed of those clips...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Set Up Your General Settings

Adobe Premiere Pro is sophisticated software for video editing and enables the user to edit projects in real time. Here are few basic steps for configuring the general settings. Step 1: Starting a New...[more]

Combining Xara Xtreme and Xara 3D

Xara 3D is an easy to use 3D graphics creation and animation program. But, users can also combine Xara 3D with Xara Xtreme, a Linux open-source graphics creation program. These tools are so easy...[more]

4 Reasons to Create Web Graphics with Xara 3D

Xara3D is a 3D graphics creation program for the web. It allows users to quickly and easily make graphics, even if they have never done so before. But, why should you use Xara3D? Here...[more]

Integrating Flash and Xara 3D

Xara 3D is a program that converts 2D images into 3D graphics, and users can create new 3D graphics in Xara3D as well. One other feature of the program is the ability to create...[more]

Xara Menu Maker: Making Graphical Navigation Bars

The Xara Menu Maker allows users to quickly and efficiently create navigation bars (Navbar) and menus. This is all done through a wizard-like interface that walks users through system. Then, the menus and Navbars...[more]

Xara 3D: Creating 3D Text

Xara 3D is sophisticated, yet simple to use software for creating very good quality 3D graphics, buttons, logos and animated text. Here we shall see how easy it is to create 3D text with...[more]

MoviePlus: Manipulating Text

MoviePlus makes text manipulation easy. You can add text whenever you want, and then manipulate and edit it the way it suits your needs and requirements the best. MoviePlus has an Add More text...[more]

MoviePlus: Layering Audio Tracks

MoviePlus is the video editing program that has made video and audio editing much easier and efficient, even for the relatively amateur users. It comes with a sophisticated layout that allows users to arrange...[more]

MoviePlus: Controlling Fades

MoviePlus X3 is a sophisticated video editing program, suitable for everyone who wants to create high quality videos and movies in a professional way (with special effects and upscale techniques). MoviePlus X 3 allows...[more]

MoviePlus: Trimming Clips

MoviePlus is the video and photo editing software by Serif, which has a lot of features and tools that make editing easy even for the novice. The software provides a complete solution for all...[more]

MoviePlus: Adding Video Clips

Serif’s MoviePlus X3 is the latest application in the long line of its MoviePlus series. It is an all-in-one digital video editing solution that allows its users to produce and fix high quality film...[more]

MoviePlus: Using the Main Screen

The main screen of Serif MoviePlus provides a good user-friendly interface for all your editorial needs. Here are the main divisions of the main screen and their uses. Properties Panel The Properties Panel is...[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15: MultiCam Editing

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 is a sophisticated video editing program that offers even more today. Both professionals and amateurs in video editing know that Magic Movie Edit Pro is one of the simplest,...[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro: Cloning

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a movie editing software with a lot of features and tools, which makes it easy for anyone to create some dramatic effects. You have seen in many movies an...[more]

H.264 for the Non-Tech Savvy Person


H.264 Technical Information and Know How


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