ImTOO Pod Works: An Overall Look

ImTOO Pod Works is a program that you can use to easily transfer media files between your iPod, your computer and iTunes. You can install ImTOO Pod Works on both your iPod and your computer to make managing your media collection easier than ever. In addition to supporting all iPod models, the program also supports all iPhone and iTouch models. ImTOO Pod Works is compatible with Windows operating systems only. However, a similar version of the program is available for Mac users. Below you will see a brief summary of some of the best features and functions of ImTOO Pod Works.

File Transfers

The main function of ImTOO Pod Works is file transfers. ImTOO Pod Works makes it easy for you to transfer video files, audio files and pictures between your computer and iPod. Unlike many similar programs, you do not need to use iTunes to copy media files from your computer to your iPod. If you have more than one iPod or other iOS device, you can connect all of them to your computer and use ImTOO Pod Works to transfer files back and forth between those devices. However, ImTOO Pod Works is completely compatible with iTunes version 10.

DVD Ripping and Converting

You will love ImTOO Pod Works if you are someone that enjoys watching DVD movies on your iPod. As you probably already know, you can't simply transfer a DVD movie to your iPod. You first need to rip the DVD movie to your computer and convert it to a format that is accepted by the iPod. ImTOO Pod Works makes it easy for you to get your DVD movies on your iPod. With just a single click of your mouse, ImTOO Pod Works will rip, convert and transfer your DVD movie to your iPod.

ImTOO Pod Works is known for its extremely fast transfer speed rate, so you will be on your way to enjoying DVD movies on your iPod before you know it. If needed, ImTOO Pod Works will also extract, convert and transfer the audio files that are associated with the DVD movie that you are working with.

Managing Media

In addition to being a fantastic transfer and conversion program for the iPod, ImTOO Pod Works is also a great media management program. Once you connect your iPod to your computer, you will be able to view all of your files in an easy to read Windows Explorer folder. If you allow ImTOO Pod Works to back your media files up for you, you will have instant access to them in your iTunes library. ImTOO Pod Works even allows you to edit the ID3 tag information for files you are working with, which enables you to alter the year, artist, name and album of your files.

ImTOO Pod Works also comes standard with a feature called Filter and Quick Search that allows you to locate your video files, audio files and photos within seconds by simply searching for keywords.