ImTOO iPad Mate: An Overall Look

ImTOO iPad Mate is an easy to use video conversion program for the iPad. Basically, you can open pretty much any video file or DVD in ImTOO iPad Mate and use the program to convert the movie to a file format that is accepted by the iPad. In addition to being compatible with the iPad, ImTOO iPad Mate is also compatible with the iPod and iPhone. ImTOO iPad Mate works on Windows based computers only, however, there is also a similar Mac version of the program available. This guideline will provide you with an overall look at some of the best features and functions of ImTOO iPad Mate.

Transfers and Back-Ups

Once you have used ImTOO iPad Mate to convert a video file, the program will also help you transfer the video file to your iPad. ImTOO iPad Mate can also help you transfer video files back and forth from your iPad to PC and from your iPod or iPhone to PC. One of the best features of ImTOO iPad Mate is the automatic back-ups that the program provides. Every time you connect your iPad to your computer using a USB data cable, ImTOO iPad Mate will back-up all of your movies and music from your iPad to iTunes.

Built-In Movie Player

ImTOO iPad Mate is not only a video conversion program for the iPad. ImTOO iPad Mate is also an easy to use movie player. You can use ImTOO iPad Mate to watch any video file before you convert it. The built-in movie player in ImTOO iPad Mate comes with a great feature known as the snapshot tool. Just like you would expect from a movie player, you can pause your movie while you are watching it. Once you have paused your movie, you can take a still image of the scene that you have paused on with a single click of your mouse by clicking on the snapshot tool. ImTOO iPad Mate will then allow you to save your captured image in either BMP, JPG or PNG image file format. Those image file formats are also supported by the iPad, so you will have no problem using ImTOO iPad Mate to transfer your image while you transfer your converted movie.

Photo Album Editor

If you are into photos then you will love ImTOO iPad Mate. If you have taken any images with your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can use ImTOO iPad Mate to transfer those images to your computer. Once you have transferred your images, you can use the photo album editor in ImTOO iPad Mate to quickly and easily create, edit and delete photo albums. You can create as many photo albums as you would like in ImTOO iPad Mate for the pictures that you have transferred to your computer. If the video file that you are working with contains images, you can even use ImTOO iPad Mate to extract those images so you can save them to your photo albums.