ImTOO DVD Ripper: An Overall Look

ImTOO DVD Ripper is an easy to use program that is capable of ripping DVDs. Once you have used ImTOO DVD Ripper to rip a DVD, you can also use the program to convert the DVD to most popular video file formats. ImTOO DVD Ripper is also able to extract the audio from the DVD you are ripping so you can convert it to a popular audio file format. ImTOO DVD Ripper is compatible with Windows operating systems only. However, there is a similar Mac version of the program available. Below you will find an overall look at some of the best features of ImTOO DVD Ripper.

File and Device Support

As previously mentioned, ImTOO DVD Ripper is capable of converting ripped DVD movies to most popular video file formats. Some of the many video file formats that are supported by ImTOO DVD Ripper include MPEG, AVI, MPR, WMV, 3GP, VOB and DV. A few of the audio file formats that ImTOO DVD Ripper can convert to include MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and M4A. Being that ImTOO DVD Ripper supports most popular video and audio file formats, the program is compatible with most portable devices. In addition to supporting any Android-based phone, ImTOO DVD Ripper also supports the iPad, BlackBerry, iPhone, PSP and most other 3G supported mobile phones.

Video Editing Tools

You are not only getting a DVD ripping and conversion program when you purchase ImTOO DVD Ripper, you are also getting a video editing program. ImTOO DVD Ripper comes with several powerful video editing tools that you can use to enhance your movie before you convert it. Those video editing tools are clip, merge, crop and split. You will likely use the crop tool quite often because you can use that tool to remove the black edges, also known as letterboxing, from the outskirts of the DVD movie that you are converting. If you only want to transfer a specific segment of a DVD to your mobile device, you can quickly and easily use the clip tool to remove only that segment, which of courses decreases the file size and conversion times.

Video Effects and Snapshots

ImTOO DVD Ripper is one of the few DVD rippers and conversion programs that also comes with video effects. ImTOO DVD Ripper comes with many artistic effects that you can apply to your movie before you convert it. You can even adjust the subtitles and soundtracks of the video and audio files that you are working with. One of the best features of ImTOO DVD Ripper is the built-in movie player. While you are watching a movie in ImTOO DVD Ripper, you can pause the movie at any time and use the snapshot tool to take a still image of the scene that you paused on. The image that you snapped can be saved in PNG, GIF, BMP or JPG image file formats. Those are all popular image file formats, which means you'll have no problem transferring your images to your mobile device.