ImTOO DVD Copy For Mac: An Overview

ImTOO DVD Copy For Mac is an easy to use program that is capable of both cloning and backing up DVD movies. This program works with both DVD-5 discs, DVD-9 discs and ISO files. You will need to be running Mac OS X version 10.5 to 10.6 to install ImTOO DVD Copy For Mac on your computer.

DVD Compressing

One of the best features of ImTOO DVD Copy For Mac is DVD compressing. A typical DVD movie can be a gigabyte or more in file size. You can easily compress your DVD movies with this program, which means they will take up less space on your hard drive if you choose to back them up.

Main Movie DVD Copy

Of course, ImTOO DVD Copy For Mac can copy your entire DVD disc for you. However, many DVD discs come with ads, introductions and other features that you may not be interested in. The main movie DVD copy feature allows you to copy just the movie and cut all of the other stuff out of the disc.

User Friendly Interface

The entire DVD copy process only takes three steps with ImTOO DVD Copy For Mac. Simply select a source DVD, choose a location for your DVD to be saved to, and press the copy button to begin.