ImTOO DVD Copy Express: An Overall Look

DVD Copy Express developed by ImTOO is software for copying DVDs at a fast speed with good quality. The software is the ideal solution for backing up your DVD collection or distributing your movies.

Copying Features

DVD Copy Express enables you to copy DVD, DVD-5 and DVD-9 at 1:1 ratio without compromising on quality. The software has greater compatibility powers as it is able to handle the copying of DVDs to a variety of discs including dual-layered discs and also DVD-RW and DVD+RW burners. You can also copy the contents of a DVD disc onto your computer's hard drive by copying it to a DVD folder or ISO file.


The software is also able to copy a DVD-9 disc to DVD-5 by compressing and without losing any quality. You can do this by copying the dual layered disc to DVD-R in 1:1 ratio.

Selective Copying

DVD Copy Express gives you a lot of scope to select what you want copied. You can select between the audio tracks and various subtitles and can also keep all of them if required. You can take off the menu while copying or you can get the target disc to skip the menu while playing, even though it is copied on to the disc. The copy mode of Full Disc enables you to copy the whole thing in its entirety, or you can choose the Main Movie mode to copy only the movie omitting special features and extras.

Easy Operation

The copying process is very easy to execute as you need to only load the source DVD, insert a writable DVD disc, and press "Start Copy." In case you insert a disc which is full, the software will prompt you with an option for erasing the entire disc so that it is fit for rewriting.