Importing and Exporting in Sony Vegas

Whether it is video or photo editing you are looking for, one of the best software in the business today is Sony Vegas. Vegas is loaded with features that would enable you to do a lot more than a normal video and photo editor can. Not only that, it can help you create projects specifically for Blu-Ray discs.

Along with video and photo editing, there will always be an import/export function included in such programs because of the need to transfer files out of and get files into the program. While some are as easy as "drag and drop", there are programs that hinder this because of format complications. If you want to import or export a file to Sony Vegas, here is a step by step guide.

Step 1: Open Sony Vegas on Your Computer

You need to always remember where you installed the program and create a shortcut of the program in a location that you find easy to remember, usually your desktop.

Step 2: Prepare Your Files

The next thing that you should do is to prepare your files. Whether they are located on your hard drive or on an external source, it is always a good thing to put the files in a place that is specifically made for media files.

Step 3: Navigate

It is always important that you first familiarize yourself with the different features of the program. One of the most common is the Import/Export, which is located on the “File” tab of the program. From there, it will take only a few clicks for you to start exporting or importing.

Step 4: Click on the Export/Import Button

As mentioned before, the export/import button can be located on the file tab of the program. Click it and you should be prompted to select a file to import or a place to export your file to.

Step 5: Choose the File

Remember where the file that you wanted to export to or import is located. When you are prompted to select a file, go there using the pop up browser, and select the specific files that you want. The program will then either import or export the file, depending on the option you have selected. You will then be able to work with the file as you see fit.

Importing and exporting a file has become a very important aspect, not only to Sony Vegas, but also to a lot of programs that are available in the market today. This feature has been very helpful, especially to people who often transfer from program to program or from computer to computer. This being said, you should take your time to know how to import/export, since it will play a major role in manipulating files, especially when you are using Sony Vegas.