Huffyuv: Capturing and Configuring Video

Huffyuv is one of the fastest video codecs that you can find in the market today. It has one of the fastest compression rates around even if you are using a Pentium Celeron computer. Capturing and configuring a video in Huffyuv is easy enough once you have been able to learn the software basics.

Capturing a Video with Huffyuv

When you are trying to capture a video using Huffyuv, you should take note of the program that you are using. Remember that Huffyuv is a video codec, which means that not all programs can support it. To check whether you program is using Huffyuv, you should go to the “Video Format” option and change the format to UYUY or YUY2. After that, you should go to the “compression” option and select Huffyuv codec from the dropdown list.

If you cannot find the things that were mentioned above, then chances are that you are using a program that is not supported by Huffyuv. One of the alternative programs that you can use is VirtualDub which has full compatibility with Huffyuv.

Configuring Huffyuv

If you want to configure Huffyuv, you should follow the steps above and look for “Configure” right after. You can also go to “Settings,” which will allow you to access the configuration for Huffyuv. Once you are in the configuration tab of Huffyuv, there are several things that you will be able to see. Some of them are explained below.

Compression Method

In compression method, you will be able to configure the compression speed and the compression ratio of a video. You can choose to have a slower compression and have a better ratio or you can sacrifice ratio for faster compression.

Set RGB Format on Output

When you have compressed a video using Huffyuv, a program will be able to recognize that it is a compressed file using Huffyuv. Once this happens, the program will let Huffyuv decompress the file into a different or specific format. If you select the “always suggest RGB format for output,” then Huffyuv will decompress your videos in RGB format automatically. However, if you do not select this option, it will ask for the default format which is YUY2.

Enable Compression with RGBA

Huffyuv is able to compress RGBA or also known as RGB Alpha along YUY2 and RGB. Enabling the RGBA compression will set Huffyuv to always compress videos with alpha channels. This is not suggested though, because RGBA is not yet supported by many programs. If a program can’t read RGBA, then it will pass a 32-bit RGB instead of an RGBA. What this does is it wastes space because the alpha channel is not in use.

Swap Fields to Decompress

When you compress a video, there is a possibility that the video field order might be read backwards. If this is happening to you, then the “swap fields to decompress” option is an alternative for you to fix the problem.

Enable Console Window Logging

Selecting this option will allow Huffyuv to open a diagnostic boxes that contains messages regarding its compression and operation. If you are trying to fix errors, then check this box as it is very helpful when troubleshooting.