How to Use MyDVD

MyDVD is very versatile software by Roxio which lets you edit your photos and videos and also export them to devices like iPod, Bluray or DVD. The software has a host of features which lets you create SVCD, DVD or VCD with professional looking menus in various designs and backgrounds. Here is a brief overview on how to use MyDVD.

The Opening Screen

As you initialize MyDVD, you will see the screen is divided into three panels. There is a full Preview panel with all controls on the left. On the top right is a menu panel having various headings and below it is the Project View panel.

Menu Tasks

The first menu in the top left panel is Menu Tasks, which lets you perform various functions. Here you can import a clip from your video camera and also add slideshows, submenus and movies.


Below the Menu Tasks is the Edit menu which lets you do the editing work on your slideshows and movies. It also lets you alter the menu's style, audio and background designs.  

Project View

The Project View panel gives you control over your projects. It has two tabs of Menus and Movies, and they display the various movies and the list of menus that form your project. The menus are conveniently displayed with their respective movies and sequential chapters and further divided into their submenus. Under the Menu tab, you will find a list of all your slideshows and movies that you are working with in your project.

Preview Panel

In the Preview panel, you can have a glimpse of how your completed project is going to look. Above the preview window, the menu bar has an Animate Preview button which lets you have a look at the animated version of a menu and the audio in the background. The top bar also has a drop down list box, through which you can select the item you want to preview. Once you have completed your project, you can click on the Burn button to burn your work onto a disc or just save it as an image file.