How to Use Avid Studio Toolkit HD

The Avid Studio Toolkit HD allows users to easily add effects, animation and DVD chapter marks to their video. This program uses three distinct programs that each add something to the standard options available to Avid users. This software can be used with Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD, Avid NewsCutter and Avid Xpress Pro HD.

Step 1: Using Avid FX

Three programs are available in the Avid Studio Toolkit HD: Avid FX, Avid DVD and Avid 3D. Avid FX works just like an AVX plug-in, and it is very similar to the Boris Red effects package. This software allows users to add tilting and other effects to their video sequences. Plus, it comes with about 1,5000 effects, transition templates and titles.

With the Avid FX tool, users can take advantage for image processing filters like Light Zoom, Z or Motion Blur, Cartooner and glow. Users can also add standard filters like color and light to further enhance their video's look.

Users can also animate their title pages using the 2D title animation feature. This feature will animate text or items on the title page. Other features include motion tracking, rotoscoping and vector/graphic animation.

Step 2: Using Avid DVD

For those that want to convert their videos into DVDs, this tool can be used to quickly add DVD markers, titles and thumbnails. This program supports 32 subtitle tracks, allowing users to add subtitles to their films. This tool will also import audio and convert it to Dolby Digital.  

The Open DVD feature can be used to change the content within a DVD without needing to re-author it. This allows users to make quickly make changes to titles without actually having to redo the entire video.

Other features include the ability to mix 16:9 and 4:3 media, and the WriteDirect tool allows users to write DVDS directly to DVD or DLT.

Step 3: Using Avid 3D

For those that want to add 3D animation to their videos, this tool can be quite useful. Users can turn video clips into background images, maps or other types of objects. 3D elements and scenes can also be added using the Digimation library.

With the Digimation library, users can either use templates of 3D components or scenes, or they can customize them to better fit what the user is doing. These templates can be used for title pages, backgrounds or even elements within the video.

With the Avid 3D tool, users can also add 3D effects like warp, lens flare, lighting and deformations. This ensures that any effect added will match the 3D look of the video. Other features include the ability to crate 3D buttons and backgrounds.

Step 4: Effectively Using These Tools

While these three tools are easy to pick up, users should consider thoroughly watching the tutorials and reading the manuals. There are many different types of effects and 3D elements that can be added to an existing clip or video sequence. To ensure that a user is taking full advantage of what is available, he should get an idea of what is the toolkit.