How to Use Avid Instinct

Avid Instinct is a tool for telling a story visually and is useful for journalists, producers, directors and writers working in a newsroom. You can use Avid Instinct to write iNEWS stories, and it is equipped with a variety of features. These features also enable you to build sequences of video and audio that you need to go with your story. Instinct is a desktop tool which will seamlessly integrate the workflow between news script and video.

Step 1: Log into Workgroup Account

Instinct has various users working on the same text and media, therefore your separate workgroup account should have been set up by Avid interplay administrator. Then, you need to Log in to this account and select your iNews server and asset manager.

Step 2: Know the Instinct Interface

Instinct interface has a tiled layout with four different panels. On the top left is the video panel displaying the video clip which is now active, and on top of the monitor the name of the story is displayed. To the right of the story name are three mode buttons for switching. The source button lets you switch to the video source, the story button is for the story's complete video sequence and Trim button is for trimming the clip selected in Storyline. Below the monitor are the transport controls which are for playing, cuing or marking the clip when you are creating your story. Below this are the voice-over controls that will let you record any voice-over narrations.

On the top right side is your panel for Storyline, where you will create your text based story. This has three main vertical columns. On the left is the Media column for adding and deleting clips. The middle column is the place where your text story appears, and where you can also edit it using the Edit buttons. The right column is for Production, where script for production cues, like instructions for various devices and character generators, are displayed.

Below the video panel on your left is the Directory panel with two tabs. Under the iNews tab, you will find items stored on your iNews server. Under Media tab, you will find all the media stored on the Interplay server. Below the Storyline panel on the bottom right is the Research panel. This will list the active content, which can include queues of iNews, and list of media folders selected by your asset manager. The Research panel enables you to load stories and media, and keep track of your assets under the iNews and Media tabs.

Step 3: Create a Story Script

In the Directory panel under the iNews tab, you can select the folder where you would like the story to be saved. Pressing Ctrl+N will give you a dialog box where you can enter the name of your story. The video sequence for this script will be created automatically corresponding to its metadata.

In the middle column of the Storyline panel, you can do all the editing to your script by highlighting the portion and right clicking your mouse. You can split your script into different defined segments so that you can match clips of video to the structure of your story. For this, you need to position your cursor where you need the split, and on the very top left of your screen, click on Story and select Split from the drop down menu.

When you save your edited version, Instinct will automatically put an Edit Lock on your script so that nobody else can edit it.