How to Upload Video to Avid in High Definition

Editing your video with Avid is one of the easiest ways to create a professional edit. Avid is quickly becoming the most popular video editing application, which can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. It has a fairly easy to use interface which makes it quick to learn. Once you have mastered the basics, then it's possible to do virtually anything with it.

Before you can use Avid to edit your high definition video clips, you will first need to upload them into Avid. Uploading videos to Avid is actually very easy once you have mastered the basics. Once the video is uploaded, you can then adjust and edit in the same as any other video.

Step 1: Connecting the Camera

The first thing that you need to do to load the high definition videos is to connect your camera or other source device to your computer using either fire wire or USB. Make sure that the Avid program is closed before doing this. This is because if the application is left open, then it can sometimes cause problems for the computer to detect the camera correctly.

Step 2: Preparing the Camera

When the camera is connected to your computer, turn it on and it should automatically be detected. Put the camcorder in the play mode. Rewind the footage on the camera so that it will play from the start.

If you are using a camcorder which stores information on Hard drive or Memory Cards, then you will need to download the digital files right away.

Step 3: Loading the Videos

Now, open the Avid application on your computer. You will need to wait until the application has loaded otherwise it will cause delays to the whole process.

Step 4: Creating a New Project

Create a new project by following the instructions on the screen. Give the project a memorable name, which will make it easy to find in future. You could also open an old project if you want to add extra video to it; in this case, click the project that you want to open.

Step 5: Importing

Click on "Toolset" at the top menu and then select "Capture". This will display the Capture dialog box, which can be used to control the capture of the high definition video.

Step 6: Naming the Film

Name the video with something that will make it easy to find in future. Then, turn on all the channels you need to capture.

Step 7: Capturing the Video

Now, press the large red button which says record on it. This will automatically start the High Definition footage playing on the camera and start the computer recording. This will ensure that all of the footage from your camcorder is now captured onto the computer and loaded into Avid.

This video can then easily be saved as a new project and edited as needed. It's possible to edit the video in exactly the same way as a standard definition video.