How to Set up Your Nero MediaHome

Nero MediaHome 4 allows users to share their favorite media files amongst different devices. This means that if one computer holds all the MP3s or movies, these can now be wirelessly streamed throughout the rest of the house, no matter in what format the files were originally created.

Step 1: Using Nero MediaHome

Nero MediaHome can be used to distribute media to nearly any device in the user’s house, including PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 or any other UPnP or DLNA media players. This program can be used to stream photos, music, movies, TV programs and videos, no matter what device on which they are saved.

Further, users can use this system to stream media saved on iTunes or tune into Internet radio stations; this can all be accessed from the Nero MediaHome interface. The media is shared over a wireless network or over the LAN (local area network) connection. Other features include the ability to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe to web radio, web TV and audio casts.

To select the device that users would like to use, they simply need to click on the Devices tab on the user interface and then click on the correct device. Then, they can get access to the controls for that device. The TV will be in separate section on the interface, but it can be accessed in the same way.

Step 2: Setting up the System

Before the system can be used, it needs to be set up, and the devices need to be networked. To install Nero MediaHome, insert the CD installation, and follow the instructions. Or, if the software was downloaded, double click the installation icon, and then follow the installation steps.

Step 3: Authorizing Nero

Once the installation is complete, the software needs to be authorized. To do this, double click on the Nero StartSmart icon, which should be located on the desktop. Select the Nero Fire button, which is located in the Nero StartSmart pop-up window on the lower left-hand side.

Now, go into Tools and then into the Control Center. Select the license icon, which is in the left panel. Select the Add button, and enter the license number that came with order. The installation will now be complete.

Step 4: Sharing Files

It’s time to share the files. First of all, make sure that the device with which the files need to be shared is on and connected to the computer where Nero MediaHome has been installed.

Once the device has been connected, open up the software program. The start wizard should automatically start as well. If it doesn’t, then open it, and go into the My Documents folder. This will indicate that these folders plus all subfolders need to be shared. The start wizard will move onto the next window. The following step is not needed, so just press skip.

Hit the Start the media server now icon, and the folders within My Documents will now be shared. If this process was done correctly, the Nero MediaHome media server should open up and run.