How to Re-Download Roxio Software

Roxio software is digital media software from Sonic Solutions that caters to all media users, from the creators to the consumers of digital media. A very easy to use media management software, Roxio, is also used by third parties to add digital media to the applications that they develop. There are three ways through which to re-download Roxio software. These three ways are explained below.

Consumers in the U.S.

Consumers in the U.S. process their orders through Digital River and have order numbers that are nine to 10 digits. You place your order at along with the order number and password and, in case of a re-download, the email you used to buy along with the credit card details. Search the product and select a download and you could also get a back-up CD here.

Consumers in Europe

These consumers are in two groups: those that purchased their products before December 1st 2005 and those that got their downloads thereafter. Those who got their downloads after December 1st 2005 use the same method and process as those in the US market. For those who had downloads prior to this date, however, they had their orders handled by a company known as Element 5 with order numbers that were 8 digits. In their case, they will need to go to and use the email used during the initial purchase, as well as their credit card information.

Both options are fairly straight forward and will provide you access to the products that you wish to re-download.