How to Playback Bin Sequences in Avid

In Avid Media Composer, your bin is the container for all the sequences of your project. The bin helps to organize your work and prevent any sequence, which is made up of your finalized clips, from getting lost. To properly play back these sequences in the bin, here are the proper steps to follow.

Step 1: Organize Your Video and Effects

To reduce the clutter in your Avid Media Composer, the first thing that you will have to do is to organize these various materials into their respective bins. You would have a bin to keep the videos, a bin to keep the audio, and so on. Open the project window, and click on the "New Bin" button, which will open a highlighted bin. Personalize the filename of this bin and store the video, after which you can repeat the process with the other effects. Keep in mind that this is a rough-cut bin, so you would need to do some editing first.

Step 2: Create a Fine-Cut Bin

Once you have organized your various pieces neatly, it's time to edit and make your fine-cut sequences. Simply edit your video and other effects in the timeline of the Avid Media Composer window. After you're done, you can now create a bin which will contain your completed sequence. You can make as many sequences as you want and save them in the same bin.

Step 3: Open the Timeline Display

To play back your sequences, you first need to open the "Timeline" settings of the Avid Media Composer. Click the icon of the "Timeline" settings to open it. You can also use the shortcut "Shift+F2" for opening your "Timeline" interface.

Step 4a: Manually Playing Back the Sequences

After you are done opening your "Timeline" Interface, you can now create a continuous playback with the sequences to review anything that needs editing. You can do so manually by controlling the Timeline cursor and placing it at the beginning point where you want to play back the sequence, click "Play" or press the Spacebar, and repeat until you are done with the preview.

Step 4b: Creating a Continuous Loop

You can also create an automatic playback of the sequences by editing a few parameters in the "Timeline" settings. It is particularly useful for areas that have effects that need to be edited. To begin, place your cursor at the start of the area that you desire to preview, and then add a mark-in point on the "Timeline" by pressing the "I" key. Afterwards, you can position your cursor at the end area of the "Timeline" that you want to preview, where you can then add a mark-out point by pressing the "O" key. You can now start playing the sequences in a continuous loop by clicking the "Play from In to Out Button" found beside the "Play" button. The sequences will play continuously until you click the button again.

After you are done with playing back your bin sequences and editing, you can close it and begin working on the next project on your Avid Media Composer.