How to Copy a CD in Roxio Disc Copier

Roxio Disc Copier is a high end media editing application that has tons of features that allow you to edit, share and save your media information in a simple, safe and easy to use manner. One of the most resilient features of the Roxio Creator suite series has been its Disc Copier application which, in its latest version, comes with a host of new options that allow you to save your data not only on CD and DVD discs, but also on Blue Ray discs as well. This article will look at how to Copy a CD with Roxio’s Disc Copier.

Step 1: Open Roxio Disc Copier

In Roxio Creator 2011’s main interface, click on the Data Copy tab and then click on the Copy Disc function to enter Disc Copier window. The disc copier allows you to make back up copies of non copy-protected data of your CD’s. You also have a choice in the matter, whether you use two separate drives to accomplish this task or just one. Roxio’s Disc Copier opens in its default Simple view. There is also the option to view it in Advance mode, but that will be covered later in this article.

Step 2: Begin CD Burning Process in Simple View

Begin your copy burning task by ensuring first that you are in CD & DVD Copy mode and not in Video Compilation mode. Choose the disc drive you wish to copy from through the drop down available in the Source Area. Then, select your destination drive in the Destination area. If you are not using two drives to copy CD to CD, make sure that the source and destination drives are the same. The application will first make a temporary copy of your data on your computer before asking you to put a fresh disc into the destination drive.

Step 3: Use Advanced Options to Burn Data in Advance View

Click the Advanced button beneath your source area to access the Advanced view area. In this view, you have more options available to make copies of your data, depending on the type of source disc you are using. Here, you are able to select Write speed of your disc and the number of CD copies that need to be made. A CD Text Options button is also available to add or make changes to artist and disc information in your CD copy. To return back to the simple view, click on the Simple button on the bottom left side of your window.

Step 4: Click Copy Now to Burn CD

On Roxio’s Disc Copier Window, you can see the Copy Now Button on the top right hand side of your interface. To start your copying process immediately, click on the Copy Now button. To access other copy/burning options, click on the drop-down button to the right Copy Now button and then Advanced Copy. This launches the Burn Setup window from where you can select a multitude of advanced options to burn your CD. These options include selecting the Raw copy Mode selection, adjusting the Laser Power Settings of your disc drive, the Write Density Settings and Maximum Write Buffer allocation settings, amongst a host of others.

Clicking on the OK button will directly start the CD burning process. A progress window will appear, showing how far along the burn process has taken place. This gives you the opportunity to disc labels while this process is taking place.