How to Convert Video Files in Roxio Creator

Roxio Creator 2011 is a media editing and management application that has the tools to convert video files and to solve any film and photo related problems. With Roxio Creator 2011, you are able to convert captured media files to a format playable on any platform of your choice. This article will take a look at how you can convert your video files from one format to another.

Step 1: Converting Video Files

In the main interface, select the Video/Movies tab and choose the Copy & Convert Video Option under the Edit & Transfer Area. This will open up the Raxio Copy and Convert tab or window from where you will be able to convert your video files to the format of your choice. Always make sure that the Convert Video button is highlighted. Now on the left side of your screen, click on the Movies button and browse through your system to locate the file you wish to convert.

Roxio Creator 2011 gives you the option to choose the device you wish to convert your format to. In the Choose Output Area, choose the device you use to view your video. You will find everything from game consoles to mp4 players to smartphones here. Click on the device of your choice, and choose the folder in your computer where you wish to save your converted file. Click on the green Convert button on the bottom right side of your window to begin the conversion process.

Step 2: Capturing & Converting Web Video

Chances are that you may want to capture and view web videos on one of your portable devices. With Roxio Video Convert, you can capture videos streaming off the Internet and convert them to play on the platform of your choice. Keep the Convert Video button highlighted and click on the Web Video button. You will be prompted to open a web browser to locate the web video you wish to capture. Once the video has played out in full, you will see a captured off your web video file on your screen.

Double click on the video or videos of your choice, and return back to the Video Copy window. Now simply click on the device on which you wish to store and view them and press the green button. Your video will be converted to the proper format playable on that platform.

Step 3: Making a DVD or Blue Ray Disc

Through the Video Convert window, you can now also convert any video file to be stored on a DVD or Blue Ray disc. Choose the output format device of your choice, and click on the green button to find yourself in the Burn Setup window from where you may be able to burn your video on to the proper disc. Whatever format you choose to convert to, Roxio Creator 2011 will be able to do it for you.