How to Convert DVD to PSP with Movkit Software

The DVD to PSP Ripper by Movkit is a decent software that allows the end users to rip a DVD movie from a protected DVD and then convert and transfer it to a Sony PSP. The supported formats are the DVD disk, IFO, VOB and many more of the currently popular video and audio formats.

The user interface is simple and intuitive - it is very easy to use and one can start with the conversions in no time at all. The interface has been designed to minimize the workflow involved in a conversion. The process of conversion is pretty simple and it is listed out in detail in the following write up.

Step 1 – Download and Install the Software

You will first need to download the latest version of the software, you will find a link for the doanload on the manufacturers website. 

Once downloaded you will need to run the installable file. You will then follow the onscreen instructions to install the software. If prompted, you will restart the computer after saving your additional work.

Step 2 – Start the Software and Specify a Source

You will launch the software from the appropriate desktop shortcut and will notice that you are presented with a “Select DVD Source” dialog box. Pop in a source DVD that you would like to use and then use this box to browse to the DVD location. You will now click “Next.”

On the next dialog box, you will be asked to select the output settings or the PSP video profiles. Select anyone based on the quality of the video you want and click “Next.”

Step 3 – Select the Titles, Chapters and Tracks

On the next screen, you will be presented with a list of selections to make. This list will include the chapters, titles, subtitles, audio tracks and any DVD specials or extras. You will now need to select the components that you would like to see in the final output file to watch on your PSP.

To choose the correct and required subtitles, you will need to use the drop down box titled “subtitle stream” and then select the corresponding audio stream from the drop down list titled “audio stream.”

To choose from among the chapters present, you will check mark the chapters you need or you can instruct the software to use the entre video and create customized chapters at a specific time interval. You can also choose the video quality being rendered.

Step 4 – Video Editing

If you would like to, you can also adjust basic and advanced video and audio effects like saturation, contrast, brightness, volume gains, subtitle positions, cropping, trimming, splitting and merging by going to the editing tab. Using appropriate sliders can change all of these settings.

Once done, you will hit the “GO!” button to start the conversion. Optionally you can also connect the PSP to the computer and then tell the software to place the files on the device automatically.