How to Convert DVD to AVI with Movkit Software

DVD to AVI conversion is possible with the DVD Ripper Pro software from Movkit. Apart from AVI, the software can also convert DVDs to a variety of other popular video formats so that you can play your favorite movies on various devices. Here is how to convert a DVD to AVI format with Movkit.

Step 1: Install DVD Ripper Pro

In order to convert DVD to AVI, you need to first go to the Movkit website, download DVD Ripper Pro and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Initialize the Software and Load the DVD

Double click on the DVD Ripper Pro icon on your desktop to initialize the software and also load the DVD you want to convert in your DVD ROM drive. In the initial screen, select Open DVD.

Step 3: Select the File

The "Select DVD Source" box will open and you need to opt for "From DVD ROM." From its drop down list, select the file you need to convert and click on Next.

Step 4: Select the Format 

The "Output Settings" box should now be on your screen and since you need to convert the DVD to AVI, opt for the AVI icon and click on the OK button.

Step 5: Choose the Titles or Chapters

In the next window, you will see a list of the titles and chapters in the right panel. Put a check mark on the title if you need to convert the whole thing or individually select the chapters you want to convert. If you have chosen specific chapters, then click on Split tab and select "By Chapter."

Step 6: Add Subtitles and Select Audio

If you want to add subtitles to your output, then you need to select the required subtitle from the "Subtitle Stream" drop down list. Similarly for selecting an audio track, select from the drop down list under "Audio Stream."

Step 7: Select Output Parameters

Output parameters can be selected via existing profiles or a new profile can be created. To get an existing profile, click on the one required from the drop down list next to Profiles. The button next to the drop down list can be clicked if you want to create a new profile. This will open the Profile Editor box and you need to click on the AVI tab. You can now adjust the various parameters like frame rate, bit rate, channels and so on. Here you can also select the Frame Size to fit your output in the required play area of the device. After all the settings are adjusted, give a name to this new profile and click on Save. Then, select this name from the drop down list.

Step 8: Conversion

Click on the green button "Go" to start the conversion process, and you will see a progress bar giving you the status of the process. You will notice that the "Go" button has now become the "Stop" button, and you can click on it if you need to stop the conversion process. Once the conversion is over, you will see the folder where the AVI file is saved.