How to Convert AVI to WMV with Movkit Software

The AVI to WMV converter produced by Movkit is a software solution that enable its users to quickly and efficiently convert an AVI formatted file to the Windows compressed standard WMV formatted file. The software has been designed for enabling speedy conversions while retaining the highest video quality. Also, besides the standard AVI and WMV formats, the AVI to WMV converter can also handle a large variety of the conventionally used video and audio file formats.

All of the above mentioned features of the software are relatively simple and straightforward to use. The user interface is user friendly and has been designed for efficiency and speed. The following discussion is about the usage of this interface to convert an AVI file to WMV.

Step 1 – Download and Install the Software

You will first need to download the latest version of the software. You can find a download link on the manufacturers website. 

Once downloaded, you will execute the .exe file by double clicking on it.

Step 2 – Start the Software and Specify the Source File(s)

Once installed, you can launch the software by selecting the appropriate launch shortcut from the start menu grouping or by double clicking on the relevant desktop shortcut.

You will be presented with a file browser box that you can use to browse to the relevant file or folder location and select the files to be converted. You will select the files and then click “Next.”

On the next dialog box, you will be able to select a conversion profile or an output setting for the resulting WMV file. You can optimize it for any media player like ZUNE. Select the required settings and click “Next.”

Step 3 – Specify the Titles, Chapters and Tracks

On the next screen, you will have the options to divide the entire video into chapters automatically at a specified time interval or you can select the “Advanced Settings” and specify parameters to customize the file to suit your specific needs. You will be able to choose aspect ratios, set customized aspect ratios, edit a given video profile or create your own audio and video encoding profiles.

The AVI to WMV converter software also provides other significant options like the choosing of subtitles, audio tracks and specific video tracks. You can launch the editing functions from the advanced settings tab. You will then be presented with options to tweak various parameters such as saturation, contrast, brightness and changing video and audio aspects. You will need to use the available combinations of drop down boxes and sliders to achieve this.

Step 4 - Go

Once you are done setting the parameters, you will click the “GO!” button to initiate the conversion process. You can also select a customized output path to specify the destination for the converted file. You will retrieve the file from this path once the conversion is complete.