How to Compress a DVD with Divx Pro

DivX Pro allows you to compress your DVDs into DivX and Avi files. It is a software program that can help you compress the DVD into a file with menus and audio streams. It comes packed with numerous features that allow you to create an identical, compressed version of your DVD and watch it on your computer any time you want. Here is how you can compress your DVD using DivX Pro.

Step 1: Install the Codecs

The first thing you need to do is install DivX Pro and its codecs. You will need the Media Player application, the converter and the DivX Pro Codec Pack. The converter will allow you to create a media file simply by copying and pasting, or drag-dropping the files you want in the application. You can also install the MPEG 2 plug-in that you can use, if you wish to compress and convert VOB files in the converter.

Step 2: Rip the DVD

The next thing you need to do is rip the DVD and save it in your computer. Typically, DVD ripping is not allowed, unless you own the DVD as well, but you can use a DVD ripping program. There are a few well hidden free software programs, and also some programs you can buy at affordable prices. You can also use a program that decrypts the content of the DVD, allowing you to copy the 2 folders where the DVD content resides – the Video TC and Audio TC folders.

Step 3: Use DivX Pro

Once you have ripped the DVD, you can drag and drop the folders to the DivX Converter application. There, you will need to choose the proper encoding profile, which depends on the resolution and the bit rate you want. If you have VOB files, you will need to use the compression application of DivX Pro, because drag and drop will not work for you in this case.

Step 4: Use DVD Copy

If you wish to compress the entire disc, you will have to use a program like DVD copy. You will open the program and use the DVD copy and compress Wizard. Basically, the program does everything on its own, but you will need to check some options and settings depending on what you want. The program has the ability to compress the entire DVD using the DivX pro codecs you have previously installed, so that you can open it with any DivX application. However, you might not want to include some parts of the DVD – such as menus or subtitles. The program will ask you to choose what parts of the DVD you want to include or exclude accordingly.

You can choose to save the compressed DVD into DivX format or DivX Avi format. You can also choose to exclude some scenes and parts of the content. Although the steps of the program are specific, you will customize the DVD content the way you want it, including only the parts that suit your needs the best.