How Camtasia Studio Is Used

Camtasia Studio from TechSmith is versatile software to create demonstration videos. The software is ideal for screen recordings, as it records the activity in real time and can focus on any part of your computer screen. The video you have created can then be edited and published in various formats. Here are a few steps showing how Camtasia Studio is used.

Step 1: Begin the Recording Process

Start the application on the screen which you need to record. Now, initialize Camtasia Studio and click on "Make a recording" from under the Task List.

Step 2: Set Settings

In the window that opens, you have options for setting various aspects of the camera and audio. If you are going to record a narration along with the video, then you need to check the Microphone box. If you decide to add commentary later, do not put a check in this box.  The Audio Options will give you various options for controlling the microphone, volume and the output audio format.

Step 3: Select an Area to Record

Clicking on "Select area to record" will give you control in selecting an area on the screen you need to record. Define the area on your screen by left clicking and dragging the mouse across the area. This will open a dialog box where you can choose a specific application or window you need recorded. Then, you will see a green border surrounding the desired area and you need to click on it. Now click on the Record icon to start capturing your footage and press Stop to finish. Click on Save if you are happy with what you see in the preview.  

Step 4: Editing and Sharing

After saving your work, you have three options which are "Edit my recording," "Produce my video in a shareable format" and "Create another recording." Editing your work gives you the options of adding commentary if you have not already done so. The second options gives you various formats and size options for your video which are ideal for sharing on the web, burning to CD or publishing on a blog.