Horror Movies: Using Twixtor to Evoke Fear

Twixtor is a useful plugin that can be used to change the frame rate in certain compositions. This is a great way to make your film look much scarier and creepier. Twixtor is very easy to use and is available for a range of different video editing applications including Final Cut Pro and Pinnacle Studio.

Twixtor can be installed on your computer and will be integrated automatically with your video editing application of choice. The most important thing to ensure is that you are purchasing the correct version for your favorite application.

Step 1: Capturing the Video

Twixtor is a fantastic little plugin. However, it can only create good results if you have a great video to start off with. Put lots of effort into designing the script and coming up with a unique idea. Then you will be able to get to work filming your creation. While visual effects can make the movie even scarier, they aren't a replacement for props that can be used to make the set look more realistic.

Step 2: Editing the Movie

With your movie captured on film it should then be downloaded to your computer. This can be done by connecting your camera to your computer with a USB or firewire cable.

With the file downloaded it should then be opened in the video editor. Spend time watching your film as it is at the moment. If anything needs to be cut out then you should remove it now. Perform any touch ups or minor edits at this stage to make your video look as good as possible.

Step 3: Slowing Down the Frame Rate

A video normally plays at around 24 frames per second. However, fiddling around with this can create different emotional responses in viewers. If you are creating a horror movie then it is useful to slow down the frame rate at some key moments in the film. When you are trying to build suspense then slowing down the frame rate can make it much creepier and make people think more about what is happening.

Slowing down the frame rate with Twixtor is very simple. To do this first click the position where you want the speed to be slowed down. Then open the Effects viewer tab in the video editing application. Then set the output to "Twixtorized." This will make it possible to see the effects in the viewer as you make the changes. Then leave all of the other settings as default. The speed setting is the only thing that you need to adjust. This is measured in percentage terms. To make the frame rate at half speed for example then enter the speed as 50%.

Step 4: Returning the Speed

Click the position on the time line where you want the speed to return to normal and then enter the speed as 100% again. This will mean that the frame rate between the first and last points will play slower.

Step 5: Speeding up the Frame Rate

Sometimes you can make the film much scarier by speeding up the frame rate. This includes when there is an attack by an animal. For example, where you might not want to show everything that happens. To speed up the frame rate is easy, click the position on the time line where you want to speed up. Then enter 200% to play at double speed in the speed settings.

Step 6: Returning to Normal Speed

Then all you need to do is return to normal speed once again. Click the time line in the right position and then enter 100% to play at full speed.