High Definition Considerations for Avid Media Composer

Avid media composer supports both Standard and High Definition video files. High definition files are much larger and have a higher resolution. If you are using high definition videos then there are some important considerations that you will need to bear in mind.

Starting an HD Project

In order to use high definition videos you will need to start the right type of project. When the application is loaded you can open a project or create a new one by clicking the "New Project" button. If you are using High definition video then you might find that it's very large. In this case change the folder to another hard drive in your system.

When creating a new project click the format box and change it to a high definition format such as 1080i.


If you ever need help then press F1 and the application will display useful help related to what you are trying to do.


The bins are where video clips are stored. When the project is created you will have a default bin. New bins can be created which will make it easier to organize your video clips.

Different bins can be used to store different types of media. Graphics and Videos can for example be stored in different bins. It's also possible to store edited sequences in another bin to make it easy to find them.

The super bin can be turned on in the options. This bin makes it possible to open a number of different bins in the same window. To find the video easier you can select the Frame tab which displays thumbnails of the clips and sequences in your project which makes it easy to find what you're looking for.


Before you can load the clips into your Avid Project you will need to capture them onto your computer. The method of doing this will depend on the type of camera or deck you have. Configure Avid to capture the video and then pull the video into your computer.

To open the capture tool in Avid click Tool and select "Capture." The capture settings can be adjusted by right clicking the capture dialog box and selecting "Capture Settings."

Viewing Clips

When working with HD clips you need to open the clip in the playback window to actually see what it looks like. It is possible to control playback and mark the section of the clip that you want to use. This makes editing the clips very easy. When working with High Definition videos the source and recording windows will always be set up with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Creating Sequences

Load a clip in the source window and then mark the section that you want to use. Once you are happy you can click the "splice in" button. This will create a new clip which is a sequence. This can be renamed by clicking on the sequence and renaming it. New sequences can be added in the exact same way.

Perfecting Edits

Editing HD video can be difficult. You will create a rough edit the first time round. It's now possible to re-edit and make sure the videos look as good as possible. The segments will be able to be edited or removed.

If you want to remove anything then click the "mark segment" button. The clip will be replaced by material from the new clip when you click the "override" button.