Green Screen Software That Gets Results

There is a lot of video editing software that can be used to make green screen effects. The best software will be easy to use and produce some truly great green screen shots. Green screen software can be found in many editing programs, but there are also programs that just focus on green screen effects. Stand alone software can be an good option for those who just want the green screen effect and not all the other extras that are included in other editing software. Using full editing software or a standalone program will depend on your needs.

Step 1: Determine Needs

Determine what you need the software to do. Do the composite objects need to interact with other items in the scene or is it a simple background merge? Will each frame need to be altered? Does your green screen effect need to look very cutting edge? If you will end up requiring a lot of changes, then a program that offers many green screen features that can deal with large files will be best. If the need is only to replace the background for photos, then there are many free and inexpensive programs that will easily perform simple replacement.

Step 2: Cost

As with anything, set a budget or price that you are willing to spend. There is some free software available, but this may not produce the high quality result that is desired. Professional results will need professional software, which can be more expensive. If you plan on using the software a lot, then investing some money in excellent software will be worth it.

Step 3: Free Trials

Plenty of software will offer a free trial. See about trying out several different software packages to determine which you like using. This is particularly useful if you are uncertain or cannot decide which software is the best for your needs.

Step 4: Easy Interface

The interface and how user friendly the software is will be important. Some software does not come with any tutorials, and it may be difficult to figure out how to get the green screen effect to work. Excellent instructions and the ability to find all the functions and menus easily are important. A positive attribute of good software is that it is easy to use and easy to learn how to use.

Step 5: Image Library

Software that comes with some image libraries, that can be used for the green screen background, is a plus. Most images will require a fee or subscription. Images that come with the software will allow the user the be able to start using the software immediately instead of having to spend more money for images. Some software may also have preset options, which make the effect very easy to accomplish.

Step 6: Features

There are many additional features that may be included with the green screen effect. This can be used as transitions and the effect can be cloned or overlaid. It is also possible to slow down or speed up the motion that is going on within the green screen effect. This is a great way to create a dynamic effect and to showcase the action to its fullest.