Getting the Most Out of Autocad

Autocad is the industry standard CAD application which is used by all sorts of different people. This application is popular with many different professions, including architects, engineers and even civil engineers. If anything needs to be designed, then Autocad is normally a great way to do this.

Autocad makes it easy to create accurate and high quality scaled drawings on your computer. Anyone with a bit of patience will be able to create drawings which can be used to request quotes and get things manufactured. Because the drawings are accurate, you can ensure that different components will fit together. If you are new to Autocad, then you will need to learn how to get the most out of it.

Using the Right Computer

The 2D version of Autocad isn't particularly demanding and can be run on virtually any modern computer. However, if you are attempting to use the 3D autocad versions, then you will need to use a fast dual core computer with plenty of RAM. This will ensure that the designs can be rendered quickly.

Check out the necessary computer specifications for your chosen version of Autocad to make sure that your computer can handle it. If you try to run this on an older computer, then you're asking for trouble.

Getting to Know the Interface

The Autocad interface is fairly easy to use, however, it does take some getting used to. You will need to understand exactly how to use the interface and find your way around to get the most out of it. There are tutorials which are available to get you used to the controls. It's always worth spending time with these tutorials.

The interface is quite easy to understand and self explanatory. Quite often simply playing around with it, and experimenting will make it possible to find out how to do certain things. The interface is split into separate areas including tools, menu and settings.

Understanding the Prompt Line

To get the most out of Autocad, you need to actually read the prompt window at the bottom of the screen. This helps to set various settings and also informs you of exactly what the application is trying to do at the moment. If you are typing commands in the prompt window, then you can cancel it by pressing the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard. This will return to the normal prompt.

When anything is displayed on the screen, you will be given a default option. This can be selected by hitting Enter (Return) and is one of the best options if you don't understand what various settings mean.

Taking a Course

If you are serious about getting the most out of Autocad, then you should consider taking a course. There are many online or college courses which you can apply for. These courses can be quite expensive but are certainly worth it if you want to push your skills to their limits. It will also be easier to find a job using Autocad if you have formal qualifications.