Gear DVD: The Features

Gear DVD is an easy-to-use program that is capable of creating and burning CDs and DVDs. You can use only one burner when using Gear DVD or you can copy from drive to drive. Gear DVD is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will provide a brief overview of a few of the best features of Gear DVD.

DVD Copying and Burning

Gear DVD is capable of burning any and all movies that are not encrypted onto a DVD. Unlike many DVD burning programs, you can even use Gear DVD to burn DVD audio disc images. When you are burning DVDs with Gear DVD, the program also allows you to add ROM content, such as software and files to the DVD video title.

CD Ripping and Burning

Gear DVD is able to rip most popular audio file formats, such as MPEG, MP3, WMA and WAV. You can rip an entire disc of audio or only selected audio tracks with Gear DVD. You can even burn CD+G discs with Gear DVD. CD+G discs are karaoke CDs that feature audio and the corresponding text to the lyrics. Gear DVD is also capable of assigning ISRC and UPC-EAN codes to audio tracks.

Disc Information

Many DVD and CD burning programs will omit the disc information when you burn content from one disc to another. That means the you will not be able to display information such as volume, format, track and session on your burned DVD. Gear DVD includes all disc information for any unencrypted CD or DVD that you burn with the program.