Five Cool Features of iSkySoft Video Converter for Windows

iSkySoft Video Converter for Windows is one of the best software applications for converting video files from their original format into a different format. This software is only compatible with the Windows operating system. This software does conversions quickly without causing loss in quality. Formats such as WMV and AVI can be converted to produce MPEG files, and the same can be done with various other formats including XviD and H.264. The converted files can then be played on any of the portable devices currently on the market.

1. Multiple Formats

iSkySoft Video Converter for Windows provides full support for all kinds of video formats that are currently being used today, including WMV, MP4, XviD and AVI as well as MPEG and more.

2. AVCHD Videos

This software also supports different AVCHD video formats such as MTS, HD MOV, TS, HD FLV, TRP, and more.

3. Mobile Device

If you need to play a video on your mobile device and your original video is in a format that is not supported by the device, then you can use iSkySoft Video Converter for Windows to perform the required conversion. After conversion, the videos can be played on an iPad, Pocket PC, Apple TV, Archos and various modern audio/video players.

4. Batching Videos

This software also performs conversion in batches, which save a lot of time if you have a number of video files to convert with the same settings.

5. Extracting music

iSkySoft Video Converter for Windows can easily take out the audio content from a video and convert it into formats such as MP3, AC3, WAV and M4A, and more.