Fit to Fill in Avid Media Composer

If a user wants to emphasize or even lengthen a certain section of video, Avid Media Composer's Fit to Fill tool can make this process extremely easy. This tool is used to manipulate motion effects. All users need to add this effect are few simple instructions and a bit of video.

Step 1: Using the Fit to Fill Tool

The most common use of the Fit to Fill tool is the slow motion effect. Slow motion will take the standard time and expand over a certain time period. This tool is most often used to fill in space, emphasize a certain section or just add the slow motion effect to a video clip.

For example, if there is an empty space in a section of video, the Fit to Fill tool can be used to lengthen a certain section of video so that it fills up that empty space. Another way to use the Fit to Fill tool is for teaching videos. Users can slow down the steps in a tutorial so that the user can follow along with the steps.

Step 2: How to Use the Fit to Fill Tool

  • Once a user is ready to fill in some gaps or simply slow down motion, it's time to learn the needed steps. Follow the below instructions to add the Fit to Fill tool to a video sequence Open up the sequence of video that needs to be edited.
  • Go to the Command Palette, and then go to the Edit menu. This is where the Fit to Fill tool is located. For the moment, just keep the menu open to the tool. Don't click on it yet.
  • Now, it's time to duplicate the segment of video that needs to be extended. Ensure that the clip is on the screen, and then hit the "B" keyboard key twice. There should be two instances of that clip now on the timeline.
  • Use the In and Out points to designate the beginning and the end of the fill clip.
  • Next, select a clip to go between the two repeated sequences. Using the Control Palette, select the starting point of this clip and highlight the area until the ending point.
  • Go to the Source Monitor. The name of the clip should be located in the top-left corner. Click on this and it should open up some menu options.
  • Select Load Filler and select how long the clip should run. This can be done by adding seconds or minutes next to the Plus (+) sign.
  • Add the filler between the two sequences.
  • Delete any duplicate spaces that show up on the timeline.
  • Hit the filler menu, and hit the T button.
  • Next, hit the Fit to Fill button.
  • Select to where the effect should be saved.

Now, the clip will start rendering. When it's done, the clip will now display in the user's timeline.

If a user wishes to edit the effect even further, they can click on the filler menu and then hit the Motion Effect Editor button. Users can then select the type of motion effect that they would like to use and edit the clip in the Motion Editor.