Final Cut Pro: How To Create Motion Effects in the Canvas

Final Cut Pro is a professional quality video editing application which makes it easy to apply various motion effects. By adding images to the canvas, you will be able to manipulate them and adjust how they look. This saves a lot of time because there is no need to open the images in external applications.

It is actually very easy to manipulate your images in the canvas. This has very good results and makes using the software simple.

Step 1: Import

The images first need to be imported into your project. By doing this, you will see the image appear in your assets list. To import the images, click on the import button and then choose all the images you want to import. When the images are in the asset list, you can then select the ones you want to use and drag and drop them on the timeline.

Step 2: Select the Images

Now you will need to click on the images that you want to adjust by clicking on them. This makes a series of handles appear around the image. You can then click and drag the handles to adjust the size of the image. It is also possible to change the dimensions of the video to stretch or squash the image.

Adjusting the center handles will stretch the image. By clicking on the corner handles, you can lock the ratio and ensure that you are not distorting the shape of the image.

Step 3: Move the Image

If you want to move the image around the canvas, then you can click and drag the center handle. This makes it possible to move it anywhere you like. You can use this to animate and create different motion effects.

The image can also be rotated by using the middle handles around the outside of the photo. By dragging one of these, you can twist and rotate the picture.

Step 4: Crop the Images

Click the crop icon in the toolbox to display the crop handles. You can also press the C button to enter cropping mode. These handles can be dragged and adjusted. Continue doing this until the most important part of the image is still visible. If you make any mistakes, then you will be able to press Control and Z to undo the edits.

Cropping is useful because it can be used to easily remove certain parts of the image. By cropping the image, you can focus your viewers attention on a small part of the photo.

Step 5: Distort

The crop tool can also be used to distort the picture. This means that you will be able to adjust each point of the picture one by one. This means that you can stretch and change the look of the photo.

Anyone using Final cut pro to manipulate images will be able to create some interesting motion effects. This makes it very easy to create high quality video productions which look very professional.