Extreme Movie Manager: FAQs

Extreme Movie Manager is advanced software to organize your movies and TV shows. Before you buy it, check out a few FAQs:

Is Extreme Movie Manager Compatible with Windows Vista?

The program is compatible with Windows Vista, but you should remember that after installing the software and the other tools alongside it, make sure that you run the program as an administrator for full functions. The program also works well with any computer type--note book or desktop.

Is it Possible to Install Extreme Movie Manager without having MS.net Framework 2.0?

Installing the framework first is a necessity, before you install the movie manager.

Why Is the Interface Difficult to Understand?

The interface may not look user friendly, but it is because of the very many features. If you explore them one at a time, you will find it really easy and intriguing to use. For better understanding, you can use the video tutorials.

How Can You Automatically Add Videos that Are Split to the Database?

Extreme Movie Manager has a function that scans your devices for any movies and it catalogs them. To join those movies, click the join button. You could use the tutorials to understand this better.

After Moving Videos to a New Folder, How Do You Change the Link in Extreme Movie Manager so that They Play Well?

Assuming you had already catalogued these videos before moving them, open the window for File Manager, select the movie’s old path plus the new one, and the program will automatically change the link instantly.