Exporting Your Video in Showbiz DVD

ShowBiz DVD offers several options for exporting video once all the editing has been completed. This software is one of many from ArcSoft, and it is used to create and edit home movies. Once the video has been completely finished, it can be burnt to DVD so anyone can enjoy the video and play it on a computer, DVD player, media player or other type of player. One great feature of this software is that it offers built in support that goes over all the buttons and functions of the software.

Step 1: Create DVD

All video clips can be edited without actually creating a DVD. In order to create and then burn a DVD, it must be made in the create DVD section. All the edited clips can be added to the disc. Open the create module to start the process.

Step 2: Add Chapters

Adding chapters to the DVD is very similar to adding clips to the albums. Select the album that contains the clips that will be added to the disc. Double click the clip, and this clip will be added as a new chapter. It is also possible to drag and drop the clips to add them as chapters. Make sure all the clips that are needed for your movie are added to the disc. You can choose discs from any album; it is not necessary to have all clips for 1 DVD in the same album. 

Step 3: Organize Chapter Buttons  

To organize the chapter buttons, select the customize tab. Many layouts will be available, so select the desired layout. The chapter buttons will change depending on the selected layout. If you do not want to use any of the preset layouts, it is possible to drag and drop the buttons into the places you want. This can also be done to the navigation buttons that are needed when multiple pages are in the menu. 

Step 4: Animated Buttons

Chapter buttons can also be animated, which will run the video clips form that chapter. Select the animated thumbnails box. Then, set the duration of the clip.

Step 5: Menu Background

The background can be changed for the menus. The available backgrounds are called themes. If the background should use an animated background, then these video clips can be found in the animated menu. It is also possible to select a video clip or photo that you created. Select the new background and then find the desired file. 

Step 6: Introduction Video

An introduction video can be inserted into the disc. This introduction video will play once the disc is inserted to a player. After this introduction is played, the menu will be displayed. Choose the video clip that will be used as the introduction and then drag it to the Introduction Video box. This thumbnail will appear in the box.

Step 7: Write to Disc

To burn the disc, select write disc. Use the virtual remote control to preview the movie. Navigate throughout the DVD. To burn the movie, click on start. Choose the playback form and save the movie to your hard drive or the DVD burner. In the US, most playback formats will be NTSC. Type in the title of the movie and choose a burn speed. Set the burn speed and then click on okay. The movie will be exported and burned to a DVD.