Exploring Export Options in Edius 5

The Edius 5 editor provides a host of export options to output your audio/video projects. Using the Edius 5, it is very easy to create a batch export list to either deliver a small part or a complete project in multiple formats. The Edius 5 has a MPEG segment-encoding feature that empowers you to encode MPEG-2 streams with MPEG, and in the process, avoid unnecessary recompression of MPEG footage. There is also an option for DVD encoding and authoring software to create a nice and polished finished product. The following tutorial will take a look at various export options in Edius 5.

Step 1: Launching the Edius Software Interface

The first step is to launch the Edius software suite. To do this, you will select the Edius program application shortcut from the programs menu to launch the software. You will be presented with a splash screen, and then prompted to start a new project. At this point, you can either choose to open a new project or open any one of the last 5 projects that you had worked on. To pick a preset project from the “New Project” pane, you will select the required details like resolution, frame rate and others from the right pane. Click “OK” and put in a suitable name and folder location.

Step 2: Loading the Source File

To load a previously used source file that has been saved as a project, you will click on the “File” menu and select “Open Project”. You will then use the file browser window to navigate to the location of the source file. Click on the file and select “Open”. Following this, Edius will import the file for further operations to be carried out. You may also go to the BIN windows to select and load the other required audio/video files from your stream folder. You can now select the required audio and video clips and click and drag them to the editing time line.

Step 3: Exploring Export Options

The EDIUS 5 software suite supports direct timeline exports to various formats. For you, this means that you can directly create and export various copies of your project right out of the timeline editor and distribute them on multiple platforms. You can also adjust custom markers like chapter points in a DVD. To so this, you will click on the red “Export” button located in the bottom-right corner of the “Monitor” window.

Next, you will select the “Print to file” option from the drop-down menu. The “Select Exporter Plug-in” window will appear. You will see the “Select Exporter Plug-in” window and choose the appropriate export option and plug-in combination. After selection, check the “Export between In and Out” checkbox and then click “OK”.

Step 4: Generating the Output

Based on your selection of the exporter plug-in, a Procoder window interface for Edius will appear. Click “Next” and follow the instructions on the screen to generate the output.

Repeat the process to explore other exporter plug-in options.