Edius: Working with the User Interface

There is a number of Edius software editing programs that are available on the market. A majority of them have been designed to meet industry standards. The following discusses Edius Pro and how you can work with the user interface effectively. It is important that when you open the program, you choose a hard drive that’s permanent in the system for storage. This means that it is advisable to use an internal drive.

Step 1: The First Screen

The first screen that you see once you have selected the hard drive for storage is a black screen with a grayed out start button. The options available in the screen are profile, recent project, new project, selected profile and selected project.

Step 2: Click on New Profile

When you click on the new profile button, sign in as a user. There are various presets that you need to set up for the type of projects that you normally work with. So, once you have set up a profile, click on the new preset button under new projects. You will find an output device column that has a description of the output device you select. You will also get an output format.

Step 3: Set up an HD Preset

If you are located in Europe, then select 50Hz and if you are in the U.S select 60Hz. Select the output format as 1440x1880 59.94, but make sure the preset reflects the camera. Once the set up column is done, select the Canopus HQ fine as the render format. Leave the TC (time code) preset as it is, and select the time code mode on drop frame which is for TV broadcasting.

Leave the total length as it is, and the Over Scan Size at 3%. Select the audio reference level according to the type of broadcast that you are using. Let the panning mode be standard and the color space conversion be standard. On the track defaults, select how many tracks of video and audio that Edius will start with. The T track refers to title track for use in case of a separate title track. Click on OK and then name the preset. This will be shown under new projects. You can set more presets according to the camera that you are using and the kind of settings that they have, i.e. NTSC or PAL.

Step 4: Start the Program

To start a project, double click on the presets under New Project, and the project will start. It is always advisable to save your project as soon as it starts. This can be done by clicking on the menu setting, File and Save Project. Once you save your project, Edius has an auto-back up feature that will save your project after every 3 minutes. This means in case of a power blackout or a system crash, you projects will still be safe.