Edius SP: Software Basics

The EDIUS SP card and its slightly lesser I/O capable EDIUS NX card are the first hardware-based HDV accelerated-editing cards available for the PC, and they are both easily integrated into almost all existing studio environments. The hardware, when properly installed, functions as an analog/digital converter, a codec processing unit, as well as a real time effects accelerator. It is safe to assume that the card will perform at its best if installed in a high performance configured computer.

You will need to have a computer that has the basic entry level configurations, as well as one of the following operating systems: Windows XP Home or Vista SP2. You will also need to ensure that your computer has sufficient RAM, memory and hard drive space when you install the software program. This means that users who are considering installing an EDIUS Card will have to also upgrade their machine. The need-to-know basics of the EDIUS SP are as follows.


After configuring your machine to the specified and approved system requirements, installation of the EDIUS SP Card is quite easy. The card needs to be installed in a 32 or 64 bit PCI slot. Connect the card with a 1349 cable, a small ribbon cable and an audio cable that passes the audio to the sound card. Once the EDIUS SP card is installed, install the software like any other software installation process you have done before.

Supports most SD and HD formats

The EDIUS SP-SDI system supports all popular SD and HD formats, including Canopus® HQ, Canopus Lossless, DV, DVCAM, HDV, MPEG-2, and uncompressed videos. It also supports DVCPRO, Infinity™ JPEG 2000, P2, VariCam, XDCAM, and XDCAM EX video. EDIUS SP supports all DV and HDV cameras and decks. You can also move from SD to HD with EDIUS SP nonlinear editing software.

Real-Time Editing

The EDIUS SP Series delivers true real-time editing of standard- and high-definition (SD and HD) materials as well as multi-track, mixed-format editing, compositing, chroma keying, titling and timeline output capabilities.

Full Resolution, Full-Quality Component HD and SD Video Output

As mentioned above, EDIUS SP gives full-quality, full-resolution output in either SD or HD format. The EDIUS SP-SDI system features hardware-based video overlay and high-quality video I/O circuitry. It is compatible with most video equipment including HDV, DV, and all analog cameras and decks. You can also add graphics, titles and HD effects to your projects and output your content to hard disks or DVD-R drives without the need for an HDV camera or deck.

Image Quality and Performance

EDIUS software features the revolutionary Canopus HQ codec. This innovative HQ Codec is designed to deliver the highest image quality and performance in any High Definition platform.