Edius NX: Previewing a Work in progress

The Edius NX is a hardware product by Grass Valley that is optimized for high definition video productions. You can use any suitable mix of HD and SD video content and blend it with limitless options of video, audio, title and graphic layers, and almost any number of real time effect combinations. Most importantly, the Edius NX empowers you to preview your work in progress in its full glory and in a high quality, full resolution display in real time on a video display device.

EDIUS NX requires absolutely no rendering to preview your edited sequences. It directly displays the results instantaneously on any HD video monitor of your choice. This enables you to preserve the original audio and/or video data in every step of the editing process. In effect, the Edius NX assures you that the format you start with is exactly what will be delivered, and eliminates all and any guesswork.

Step 1: Launch the Edius Software Interface

Select the Edius program application shortcut from the programs menu to launch the software. You may find the program shortcut on your desktop as well.

Step 2: Load the Source File

To load your preferred source of video or audio, you will go to the BIN windows and select the appropriate audio and or video files from your stream folder. Once selected, the clips will show in the BIN windows. You will then select the required audio and video clips, and click and drag them to the editing time line. You may use any number of clips for the editing purpose. Edius NX does not limit you in this department.

Step 3: Edit Your Work

Once the required video clips are in the project BIN or on the timeline, you will be able to edit them and add transitions, music, sound effects and titles wherever you like. You can also access you MXF files and import other MXF files to add to your rough cuts. Editing also provides the option to mix MXF files from XDCAM discs and MXF files from XDCAM HD discs. Edius NX will accept these files on the same timeline. You can also mix HDV files and Canopus HQ files with your MXF files.

Step 4: Preview Work in Progress

To preview your work in progress, you will need to select which hardware to use: either a standard IEEE 1394 Firewire board (Generic OHCI) or the Canopus board installed (when editing with EDIUS NX, SP, SD or HD). Please note that if you are using a standard Firewire board, the only way you will be able to get a video preview is when you use an “SD” template. To preview an HD project, you will need to select the EDIUS NX hardware. This will route the preview to the connected HD display.