Edius Neo 2: Using Color Clip Management

Edius Neo 2 is software that is ideal for editors when it comes to video editing, and it provides features which are nonlinear in editing. They include but are not limited to real-time and mixed format like quick time video. It is also fast, and its interface is user-flexible. The software does not require any special hardware for it to work, and it is among the best for standard definition and high definition video editing.

Step 1: Install Edius Neo 2

This will work on both laptops and desktops and no special hardware requirement is called for. If you find problems in installing, then ensure that firewall is off and any other anti-virus programs are disabled.

Step 2: Start the Program

If on Windows based operating system, click on start, then followed by all programs on the pop up menu. Then, locate Edius Neo 2 on the list menu. Click on it, and the program is ready to start.

Step 3: Clip Markers

You can add clip markers to any captures. Alternatively, this can be done via the timeline. The sequence marker window will toggle between the clip markers and the sequence so you are free to add further comments.

Step 4: Clip Color Management

Choose the default option and then clip color. The color set for the clips in the bin is reflected in the timeline as well, while controlling the color of your clips for ease in separation in the bin and timeline.

Step 5: Import and Edit Footage

Connect a USB between you camcorder and computer to import the file. Select project setting for the footage. The project should be of the same format as AVCHD footage.

Step 6: Change Time Scale of Color Correction

You will be able to change the scale range by either clicking on the information palette. Right click the effect then click open setup dialog. Alternatively, you can double click the effect icon. Or, you can click on each side of the scrollbar, and you can do the dragging. It will change the time scale range for you.

Step 7: Set Duration for Still Clips

In order to color bar or even color matte, you can either select the application setting on the left pane, select duration, and remove the check in it. You can actually check or uncheck the boxes. Select duration and then click ok. To create a new color bar and color matte, right click on timeline and select new clip.

Step 8: Burn onto DVD

Select export, then Burn to disc. Select sequence and media type. You can click style tab to select a different format. Select write tab and click Burn button. It will force encoding the file if the size exceeds 100%.

This software allows you to generate the effects and transitions for your edits. On Edius Neo 2, you can anchor and crop or even position your clips while preserving frame aspect.