Edius Neo 2: Outputting to a AV CHD Disc

Edius Neo 2 is a very capable video editing software solution that features a very flexible user interface. The software suite is primarily designed to handle and manage HD (high definition) projects. Edius Neo 2 can also easily handle AVCHD. The AVCHD is a popular format that allows you to burn high definition video to standard issue DVD discs rather than other expensive media. Hence, an often-encountered query is regarding ”Outputting to a AV CHD Disc”. The following is a description on how to achieve the same quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Launch Edius Neo 2 and Add Source File

Assuming that you are working on a Windows PC, you will need to select the Edius Neo 2 application shortcut from the programs menu to launch the software. Once Edius Neo 2 loads, you will import the source file into the software suite. You will click on the “File” menu and select “Open Project” if it is a previously used source file saved in project form. Remember to plug in the source media if the file was sourced from an external device. Use the file browser window to navigate to the source file. Click on the file and select “Open”. Once this is completed, Edius Neo 2 will import the file for further operations.

Step 2: Select the H.264 File Format

You will then click on the “File” menu and select the “Print to File” option under the “Print” sub-menu. This will open a “Select Exporter Plug-in” window. You will click on H.264/AVC option in the left pane and select “H.264/AVC Exporter Plug-in” option in the right pane. Click the “Export” button. This will show the “Windows Media Video” window.

Step 3: Save the File

In the “Windows Media Video” window, you should state a name for the new file and select the appropriate picture size, mode and bitrates under the video settings block. Also, select the audio settings. If you are not sure about these, you can use the default settings. Once done with these settings, you will click the “Save” button. This will save your file in a format ready to be burnt onto AVCHS disks. This step may take some time depending upon the initial and target formats and the length of the video footage.

Step 4: Burn the AVCHD Disc

You can now close the Edius Neo 2 software suite by clicking on the “Cross” button in the top right hand corner. If prompted to “Save the project”, click “Yes” if you want to save the changes to a project. Select “No” if you did not open a previously existing project and would not like to use the settings at a later stage. You will now need close the Edius Neo 2 software suite and open any popular disc burning software like Nero, Roxio Toast or Adobe Encore. Navigate to the location specified for target file destination in step-3. Select it for a burn project and insert a blank DVD disc to burn an AVCHD disc.

If steps were followed correctly, you should now have created the AVCHD disc.