Edius Neo 2: Outputting Files to Youtube

Edius Neo 2 is part of a video editing system that has many capabilities, which assist you to upload your video to You Tube. We all like to upload our greatest moments on the web to share with others, and this program helps do it all. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this successfully.

Step 1: Print to File

With the Edius Neo software open on your computer, you will need to select and click on File, Print, and then Print to File. The “Select Exporter Plug-in” Window will open. There will be 2 columns in this window. In the left side window, you can select AVI, MPEG, QuickTime or Windows Media. This example uses Windows Media.

Step 2: Select Windows Media

Once you have selected Windows Media in the left column of the Exporter Plug-in Window, you will then see Windows Media Audio and Windows Media Video in the right column. Click on Windows Media Video, and then click on export at the bottom of the display box.

Step 3: Name Your File and Set Your Settings

You will now create a name for your file and change your audio and video settings as needed. Choose the destination you would like to save your video to, and click on Save. Your file will be saved and ready to upload to You Tube.

Step 4: Sign into Your You Tube Account

There’s nothing to do now but log onto the Internet on Youtube, and sign into your account. Once you have done that, you can upload your video for all your friends to see. YouTube specifies that your video can be up to 15 minutes in duration and no larger than 2GB. YouTube will accept the following formats: AVI, .MOV, .WMV and .MPG. To prepare your movie for YouTube uploading, you will first need to Log-in. It will then bring you to another page to input your username and password. Once you complete that task, click the sign in button. You are now logged into your account.

Step 5: Upload Your Video

There is an upload button located in the top center of the screen. Once you click on that button, the page will change and you will have a yellow “upload video” button in the middle of the page. You will want to click this option. This will bring up your folders to choose the video that you have saved. Once your video has been chosen, click the open button and continue with the upload onto You Tube. During the process, you will have to fill in some information such as the title of the video, category the video may fall under and a short description of the video. Once complete, you have uploaded your video successfully for all to see.