Edius: Converting Frame Rates

Edius is great nonlinear video editing software suitable for both beginners and professionals in the video editing industry. The software includes special features and options, to achieve maximum quality for all of your video projects. It is also great for image files as well. The following tutorial describes how to covert frame rates.

Step 1: Installing and Opening the Software

First, you will need to obtain the software program in order to convert the frame rates of your video files. You will need to install the software, run the setup process and accept the terms and conditions of the software in order for it to function correctly.

Step 2: Opening the Video File

You will be given the option to open a movie file upon the start up of the software. You will need to select the video file that you want to edit and click “Open” to start the editing process.

Step 3: Knowing the Special Features

Edius comes with a variety of new special features that will simplify the video editing process. It can be used with a large number of different editing software mainly because it has the real-time mixed format editing option. You can edit mixed formats of HDs, HDVs, DVs, mpegs and many more.

It offers real-time standard definition and high definition resolution conversion, aspect ratio conversion such as 16:9 and 4:3, and frame rate conversion and output such as NTSC and PAL. Also, it comes with SD and HD effects, keyers and transitions, full resolutions and full quality, video overlay design, and noise reducing and filtering technologies.

Step 4: Choosing the Output Format

Located towards the bottom of your screen will be a drop down menu named “Output Format”. You will need to click on that drop down menu and choose the appropriate file format you want to convert to. Try to keep the output format the same as the input file’s format to in order to keep the editing process simple.

Step 5: Editing the Frames

To begin the actual editing process, you will need to click on the “Edit Output” button. Once you have done this, you will be asked to enter in the desired frame rate in the bottom of the field. This is where you choose which frames you would like to convert.

Step 6: Converting

After you have selected which frames you would like to convert, click on the “Convert” button to begin the converting process. The button should be located in the bottom right corner of the software’s main menu.

Edius software package includes installation guides and extra installation CD tips, making it easy to use even for new users. It is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 and SP3. The system requires powerful processors and HDDs for the best performance, and at least 1GB RAM in order for the application to run fast and easily.

Edius supports multi-processor technology and hyper-threading, and also requires UBS 2.0 port, DirectX version 9.0 and Graphics card. Use RAID 0 for multiple HD stream output. It is best if you have at least 800MB free disk space and soundcard. Edius is a great video editing program with special features and effects, transforming your video project from plain to professional.