Edius: Converting Aspect Ratios

The Edius is a non-linear audio/video editor that features powerful real-time video trans-coding options. The Edius software suite allows you to convert between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios and frame rates in real time. This means that you can edit 1080i videos on a standard 4:3 SD timeline. You will also be able to source videos from NTSC and PAL sources, or actually combine them all into a 720/24p project without worrying about conversion or rendering. Below discusses the converting aspect ratio using the Edius software suite.

Step 1: Launch the Edius Software Interface

Starting the Edius program is fairly simple. Select the Edius program application shortcut from the programs menu to launch the software. Once the Edius software suite loads up, you will be prompted to start a new project or open any one of the last 5 projects you have worked on. If you would like to continue on a recent project, then pick that one. You can also pick a preset project from the “New Project” pane according to your preferences. Use the right pane to select required details like resolution, frame rate and others. Once done with the above, you will see the “Project Name Setting” box. Put in a suitable name and folder location.

Step 2: Load the Source File

You will click on the “File” menu and select “Open Project” if it is a previously used source file saved in project form that you want to use. Your source files can come from any source - NTSC, PAL, 1080i or 720/240p. Remember to plug in the correct source media if the file was sourced from an external device. Use the file browser window to navigate to the location of the source file. You will click on the file and select “Open”. Following this, Edius will import the file for further operations.

Alternatively, to load any other sources of video or audio, you may go to the BIN windows and select the required audio/video files from your stream folder. Once selected, the clips will show in the BIN windows. You will then select the required audio and video clips, and click and drag them to the editing timeline.

Step 3: Convert Aspect Ratios

You can employ one of the two methods to convert aspect ratios. You can export the timeline to Canopus HQ at the native resolution and change the project settings to the new aspect ratio. You will then place the exported file on timeline and select the fit height. Alternatively, you can select "Cropping" from the menu and use the "Resize" filter. Select and set the required X1 and X2 offset values and import into a project of suitable aspect ratio.

Step 4: Save the File Using New Aspect Ratio

Use the standardized options to save the video footage with the new aspect ratio. Additionally, you may choose to export the footage for the new format that uses the aspect ratio also.