Earthsoft DVD to MP4 Converter: An Overview

Converting DVD files to the MP4 format is easy with the Earthsoft DVD to MP4 Converter. Enjoy the highest quality video wherever you may be.

Preview Function

Check on the specific parts of the DVD that you want to convert. This will let you choose your favorite scenes and load them to your MP4 player.

Still Shots for Easy Reference

This program makes it easier for you to choose from a slew of MP4 files by having snapshots of your favorite scenes or the title of the film. This will make filing easier for you, especially when choosing a movie to watch with snapshots as thumbnails.


If you want to adjust the audio or the video quality and channels of your DVD files before conversion, Earthsoft DVD to MP4 Converter gives you the leverage to do just that for a better viewing experience.

Convert in Batches

If you plan to convert multiple DVDs to MP4 files, the software allows you to convert in batches for easier and faster conversion.


Make it easier for viewers to understand the language and the dialogue of the actors by adding subtitles into the movie. This works best for foreign films that you want to share with your friends.

Make it possible to enjoy different movies with the Earthsoft DVD to MP4 Converter and spend movie time with your friends and family wherever you may go.