Earthsoft Blue Ray DVD Copy: An Overview

If you would like to fully enjoy a movie and share it with your friends, get the Earthsoft Blu-ray DVD copier. By using this software to back-up your Blu-Ray movies, you can be sure that you have the clearest HD copy of your DVD for the maximum viewing experience.

Complete Copy

If you would like to ensure the highest quality for your movies, copying Blu-ray to DVD is possible with Earthsoft. You can have your videos and movies played in DVD players and even computer DVD drives. This means that you don’t have to worry about your player not being able to read your DVD.

Bluray Copy Backup

The Earthsoft Bru-Ray software backs up your expensive Bu-Ray movies so that you do not run the risk of scratching your original discs. The software also creates a backup of your original to your computer and then copies a temporary one to the Bluray DVD.

Burning Options

After a copy of the movie is burned to the DVD, you are given an option to shut down or reboot the computer, or do nothing.

Language Options

To cater to different audiences, the software allows the language to be changed while being burned.

Make the most of your DVD movies and share them with your friends and family with the Earthsoft Bluray DVD Copy.