Earthsoft AVI Video Converter: An Overview

Convert your videos to different formats with the Earthsoft AVI Video Converter. It can convert different video formats to allow different media players to process your video.

Movie Preview and Segmenting

Prior to conversion, you can preview a movie of your choice and check on the necessary changes or additions that you would like to apply to the movie. You can also clip segments of the movie to add more impact for the audience’s experience.

Personalize and Customize

You can customize the audio and video parameters. You can also change the audio and video quality, size and video channels for better viewing.


For promotional purposes and for distinguishing a movie from the others in your file, snapshots of the movie can be taken with the AVI Video Converter. It allows still shots of the movie for teasers and posters.

Batch Conversion

Once you have applied the different customizations to the movie, you can convert more than one file at the same time. This makes it easier for you to manage your video files, as it lets you save time. The AVI Video Converter is a very convenient way to convert and view videos.

You can make it easier for you and your friends to share videos by having them converted with the Earthsoft AVI video converter.