DVDIdle: A Short Overview

DVDidle is a software program for the computer that helps you keep your DVD player in optimal shape by allowing it to work only when it actually needs to play a DVD movie file. The program does this by placing your player into a sleep mode until needed. Since your DVD player doesn’t have to work as hard, it saves wear and tear on the machine, making it last longer.

Works in the Background

DVDidle works seamlessly to protect your DVD player and let it rest when it is not needed. The information from your movie will play normally, but during this timeframe the program is pre-recording information and saving it to play when the player is not resting. Using this program, a 6x speed player will only have to actually run for about 15 minutes versus the 90 minute length of the movie you are playing. Believe it or not, it is estimated this function could extend the life of your DVD player by up to 800 percent and extend battery time in a laptop up to 30 percent.

Removes Copy Protection

DVDidle is capable of removing the copy protection from an analog DVD, but it doesn’t work with the HD DVDs. Without copy protection, you can show your movie without FBI warning signs. Plus, you can remove the operation prohibitions that make it impossible to change the soundtrack of a movie. You can also hide any unwanted subtitles with DVDidle.