DVDFab DVDCopy: An Overview

DVDFab DVDCopy is also known as DVD to DVD and platinum and is popular for its power and flexibility. With this software, you are able to copy a DVD at a snap of a finger, plus use the software’s settings to customize output. You have the option to burn the DVD to a blank or write your output to a folder on your storage device. DVDFab also gives you the chance to compress your information to fit on a smaller device. All the output has great quality to it.


DVDFab DVDCopy has copying, cloning and decrypting capabilities that allow it to read, manipulate and re-arrange content on a DVD. The program is able to help you get rid of all protections on DVDs like CSS, making it possible to copy all DVD types to your storage device like DVD+R/RW. All this is done in less than 10 minutes. To keep removing the protections, you must keep updating DVDFab DVDCopy. This program has the ability to make a perfect clone ration of 1:1 plus compressing DVD-9 to just 1 DVD-5 with a great output.

Easy to Use

DVDFab has no problem working on damaged or scratched discs. It will meticulously copy the disc, even when its IFO files are unreadable. It does this with the help of Main Movie or customized copy modes. The program is also capable of recovering most, if not all, VOB read errors and also supports NTSC and PAL content (though cannot convert PAL to NTSC and the reverse).