DVDFab BluRayCopy: Key Features

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy is the world’s first software package that allows the end user to do away with all Blu-Ray disk based anti-copying protection mechanisms. The software simply copies a Blu-ray disk to your computer’s hard disk drive with a few clicks of the mouse. Here are the features of this incredible software.

Copying Modes

Apart from the very obvious functionality of copying any Blu-Ray disc to your hard drive, DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy also provides the user with a choice of four different copying modes and various optional settings, to fully personalize and customize the entire Blu-Ray copying experience.


One of the best features of DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy is its incredible speed. It takes full advantage of any of the multiple core processors that your computer might be rocking. This translates into amazing picture, video and audio quality of the copies you make.

Other Features

The software also features update processing on the server side. This essentially means that you can now update the software right between the releases, while you are working with it.

This software solution enables you to create perfect 1 to 1 ratio clones of any Blu-Ray disc and uses the latest compression technologies like the BD-9, BD-5 or BD-25. Also, you can rip Dolby True High Definition sound to the more compact Dolby AC3 to save major space and enable high quality compression.

Both PAL and NTSC Blu-ray disks are supported, and the software also does away with any installations needing third party drivers. DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy is a very powerful Blu-ray backup and copying solution.