DVD X Player: Key Features

The DVD X Player is the first DVD software that can bypass region coding and provide free viewing of DVDs from any world region (on any DVD player). Here are some of the best features of the DVD X Player:

Wide Range Format Support

The DVD X Player can play files like the regular DVDs, CD, VCD, Flash, Real, QuickTime, XviD and DivX free of any region coding or zone coding. The operation is free and it also supports the High Definition Video Discs.

Smart Hardware Support

DVD X Player can automatically stretch 4:3 video aspect ratio for your 16:9 aspect ratio screens without any apparent distortion and even allow you to record DVD audio and video to formats that are compatible with you personal media player. Also, there is full support for Dolby Digital 5.1(AC-3), Dolby Surround, Digital Theater System (DTS) and the multi-channel decoding.

Additionally you can enable the DVDs to directly play on your desktops so that you can work simultaneously or capture stills from the movie and use them as a desktop background. DVD X Player also supports any camera or web camera on your PC, digital videos and all digital cameras. It can play videos from any of these devices.