DVD X Player: An Overview

The DVD X Player is touted as the world’s very first DVD player software that provides region free viewing in any part of the world. What this means is that you can now watch region coded DVDs from any part of the world on your computer. This software actually requires no firmware hacking for your DVD player to play nice with any DVD movie.

Top Display Effect

DVD X Player offers super smooth playback capabilities and is designed to take full advantage of multi-core processors on your computer (both Intel and AMD). You can select the choice of display from several possible candidates.

Multi Channel Support

The DVD X Player supports multiple audio channel outputs like the Dolby Pro Logic II, Hi-Fi audio and S/PDIF.

Wide Screen

DVD X Player can automatically stretch your movies to the now standard 16:9 aspect ratios without any apparent distortion.

Lossless DVD Recording

This software allows you to record your favorite DVDs into other formats without any quality loss. This means that you can watch the original high quality on any of your preferred portable media players like the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Zune, BlackBerry or the Zune.